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  1. Recently Polish Football Association has agreed with the Polish League governing body a major change in match rules and players’ eligibility from 19/20 season in Polish Ekstraklasa. The new rules are: - no restriction regarding players’ nationality (previously only 2 non-EU players are allowed to play at the same time) - u22 player of Polish nationality has to be present during the entire game duration. If one is substituted or injured, then it must be substituted for another u22 Polish player. This is a similar one to Polish First Division with a distinction that Ekstraklasa raised the age limit to u22. this can be found and confirmed in the official Polish FA statement here https://www.laczynaspilka.pl/federacja/zmiana-uchwaly-pzpn-w-sprawie-zawodnikow-mlodziezowych1 is there any chance that this change will be included in 19.3.1 patch?
  2. Hi Team, This has now changed (in fact it stays the same as is ie. 2 teams relegated, 2 groups - championship and relegation) however, new rules about mandatory youth player for the entire match duration and nationality restriction lift are going to be introduced from 19/20 season - is this going to be rectified in FM19 as it is a big change and changes the whole gameplay for Polish users?
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