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  1. Hello guys, One question about 2-3 leagues and 3D medium settings. Two options : 1. i5 7200u // 8gb // 1tb // mx150 (ACER) 2. i5 8250u // 8gb // 256gb // mx150 (LENOVO) Which is better for quick processing and medium settings for 3D? Thanks a lot.
  2. Dear all, For 2-3 leagues and medium settings for 3d which option is better? First is : i5-7200U,8gb,1T HDD,GTX MX150(ACER) OR second : Ryzen 5 2500U,8gb,256 SSD,VEGA 8(DELL) Thanks a lot
  3. Dear all, This specs are fine for medium settings?(2-3 leagues and 3d match) i5 7200u 8gb nvidia 150mx 2gb 256 ssd Thanks.
  4. I'm from greece. Some online store are e-shop.gr and skroutz.gr,if you can look there. Thanks for help.
  5. Hey guys, Ryzen 2500u 2,0ghz Vega graphics 256ssd 4gb The processing time between days for fm19 will be normal or slow with 2-3 leagues for database and medium graphics? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english,are bad i know.
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