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  1. Thanks guys got it to work. Can you guess this player ?
  2. Hi friends, is there a way to make the attribute circles more ambiguous than it is? love this skin btw
  3. Just incase it is relevant to anybody here, If you have a custom USA database and use any editor file that has North American continent rules your game will crash whenever that competition starts/ends. To get around it you can change the editor rules to world instead of North America. It works perfectly then. So for this megapack you would have to change the NACL and SXM files. Just a bug in fm23 for some reason
  4. if you just change the competition rules from North America to World you can get around this bug I just figured out. If you are still around Colton13
  5. I also get this bug when using an American database and a North American continental competition. I believe it is a bug due to the rule discipline error. I have a save you can use to test this. It is uploaded to the cloud and called Spectator Poo - Helenites.fm If you go to the rules tab for the competition Central and Caribbean Cup it will crash. I also noticed that if I create a save with only one of the files, when I go to the detail level option North America shows up in continental club competitions. When I use both files, North America does not appear. test.fmf zz My America.fmf
  6. Nevermind! I figured it out! I didn't actually delete everything I needed to. Thanks for the amazing db, starting a new save with it now.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to edit the NACL file to just have the Caribbean Cup and Central American Cup without the tie into the NACL. Is this possible? How should I do it? I've tried removing references to North America and just keeping the cups but I just crash when starting a new save
  8. Has anyone had a problem where names for awards disappear upon reloading a save?
  9. I have noticed that the ME seems less chaotic even in lower leagues. I fail to see missed passes as much anymore and pass count has really increased. Sad
  10. So I want to create a squad registration rule to require that clubs to have 4 HGC players. When I create this rule it puts the rules in the match rules instead of the squad registration rule. I've attached the file. zz My America.fmf
  11. I believe you can use the pregame editor on the gamepass version. I am waiting for this to start my fm23 save. I cannot play without it anymore haha
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