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  1. yea thanks looked through those wondered if any other ones?
  2. Morning Guys, Hope this is the correct place to ask this? I'm looking to update all backgrounds, kits, logos. Anybody know where I can find the latest updates for these. Been looking can't seem to find any, maybe there isn't any about? Cheers Guys
  3. I still cannot get the folder to move. I've copied the line you said but the path doesn't say users or anything like that, I have this pc > data (d;) and that's not working? thanks thnigelfc
  4. Hi Smurf I bought the MSi laptop delivered today. One ? probably stupid, you say load everything else onto 1tb everytime I install fm19 sports interactive folder goes on ssd How do I get it to go on 1tb drive? Cheers
  5. Battery wouldn't be a problem on the MSI, looks aren't everything but MSI does look better. Not sure about 128sd for fm19 seems a bit small? or would I be better loading fm onto the hd?
  6. Thanks Smurf and leaning towards msi one, just wondered if you've seen any others before I take final plunge as that's right on my limit
  7. Hi Guys Looking for new laptop Budget £800 - (£900 at a push). not sure what to look for? I guess a gaming machine, quad core, 2.5ghz or above, 8-16 ram, 1tb SSD and a disc drive. prefer a 17" screen also. Anything out there like this guys? TIA
  8. Put her on transfer list. Has to be better out there with bigger attributes?
  9. Guys Hope this is ok to ask here? Fm19 when installed the sports interactive folder keeps going onto my c-drive only problem is I only have 8.7gb left on it now. However my d drive has 782 gb free, How can I get the sports interactive folder to work on the d drive not the c drive? Everything I've tried to make this work doesn't none of the graphics or anything works as it's still looking in the c drive even though I've moved it. TIA
  10. Only things I would like to see changed in fm19 are: get rid of unhappiness so stupid, you even have youth players crying, because they think they should be in 1st 11. chatting to the press get assman to do it all so boring. Sort out the scouting so your scouts actually scout players or countries you've asked them to and it isn't my scouts they are mostly 5stars with high adapt ability and potential but they pick plebs from god knows where.
  11. Thanks I got it working with skin Andromeda v4 but doesn't work with any other skin?
  12. So where do I find player/background/none.jpg to change it?
  13. Hi Smurf Just to let you know I bought the MSI laptop. Have had it about two weeks now and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for all your help and guys listen to this guy he know his stuff. Thanks again Smurf.
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