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  1. Smurf/kevhamster was about to order the one smurf mentioned earlier, then I saw this one in the sale.. Would this play FM20 just English leagues prem-conference? https://www.box.co.uk/NX.GNVEK.030-Acer-Aspire-3-A315-21_2606353.html
  2. Hi Guys I have DOF set to find me players which is all well and good but he then decides to hold contract talks with them and my own players, even when I have it set to myself doing all contract talks with players and staff?
  3. must be something to do with qui, as I still cannot download it?
  4. Hi Guys My son is looking for a laptop for my Grandson, he's hoping to start him on the FM series. He Can only go to £350.00 is there anything out there for this price? He will only need to cover the English leagues from vanarama south to the Prem. As I said he's trying to get Grandson into FM so he doesn't need to many leagues running. Thanks Guys
  5. Hi Guys Looking to buy Son new laptop for about £375 if possible. He generally only runs all English Leagues with large database, TIA Guys
  6. pikawa94 don't worry mate have loaded up fm19 this morning and everything is working. No idea how I got that problem yesterday.
  7. They aren't working at all with EVO, checked other skins they work on those? It's not a major problem, I understand you've got more important things to work on
  8. Loving this skin, just one ? Not sure if it's me or a gremlin in the skin but all graphics work, except for the kits?
  9. oh ok thanks, giving it a whirl now looks like a very nice skin. Thank You
  10. will it get an instant result button?
  11. yea thanks looked through those wondered if any other ones?
  12. Morning Guys, Hope this is the correct place to ask this? I'm looking to update all backgrounds, kits, logos. Anybody know where I can find the latest updates for these. Been looking can't seem to find any, maybe there isn't any about? Cheers Guys
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