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  1. If i make all players ease of tackles does this reduce getting yellow or red cards and fouls will it affect the tactic set up?
  2. Great tactic lots of chances and possession do u think you can inport it on future football manger games if assistant manager wants to change from positive to attacking or any other tactical do you ignore or change to assistant managers advice? ps best tactic on fm 19 really plays like real liverpool
  3. if assistant asks you play short passing or do you stick to slightly direct during match?
  4. i've been using the LFC tactic on fmbase jsv 4-1-4-1 dm wide and changed the wingwacks and moved them up to make inverted wingbacks surport changed dm to deeplying playmaker def changed the if wings to wingers surport use offsidetrap balanced never time waste low tempo low crosses work ball into box counter counterpress make the mezza with the hard tackling the cf att to dlf sur using offside trap no get stuck in i've had 60-65 percent possession while the opposistion has had only between 27-40 percent i beat juventus 3-1 bayern 2-1 with possession at 50-60 percent you may only get 1-0 2-1 r
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