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  1. My experience with this is that you can make players available but it will not guarantee that it starts them. I have put players in the lineup on the reserves page tactics and still found that they didn't play.
  2. Lower leagues in England would be nice, even if it's just level 7 to begin with. Estonia would be my biggest European preference.
  3. In brief: I would like to be able to select players in or even set the full lineup for reserve teams (U23, U21, U19, B, Reserves, and so on) but not manage the team, as an option on the Responsibilities list. Right now, I can only select the actual lineup if I'm managing the team. I can make players available, sure, but the reserve team manager then decides whether to play them. This creates annoyances (young player on the senior bench doesn't get selected, second goalkeeper doesn't get selected, player available for 20 minutes starts the game instead of coming off the bench) that I'd like to override without needing to actually hands-on manage the games entirely. Here's a practical use for this right now: I'm managing in Sweden, and my number two goalkeeper is always losing match sharpness because even though he's usually available for the reserves, he never gets selected. I'm sure plenty of us have had this nuisance in the game, and this would be the fix. What I'd like the game to do, ideally, is have an option under responsibilities for those teams stating "Selects the lineup for reserve games" alongside the full-fat "Manages reserve team". It would then honour my selections unless impossible (such as if a player is injured, unavailable, or can't be brought on due to having used all substitutes). In a perfect world I would then be able to select as many or as few players as I like, so if I just want to ensure one player starts, I can select just them, and the actual manager of the reserve team does the rest. Including this is more realistic: A first team manager can obviously, in real life, tell a reserve team manager exactly who to start, or if they must start a specific player, but right now I only have the option of availability, which is great but doesn't guarantee selection.
  4. In brief: It should be possible, under the in-game Add/Remove Leagues feature, to change a "Playable" league to "View Only". Right now Football Manager 2019 only allows you to remove a league entirely. You can have leagues as View Only, and you can set those leagues as Playable, but you can't move them back. This feels like a significant oversight. This feature already has the infrastructure in place (it's possible to add and remove leagues, it's possible to have View Only leagues) and would massively enhance the game experience, especially for those keen to change their focus mid-game or run long saves. The advantages of this feature would be: 1) It would be less of a commitment to add a league that's View Only as Playable. If I do it right now, I have to decide whether I want to run it forever, or lose it altogether at a later date. 2) Managers would be able to completely restructure their game, freely changing league structures more than they can at the moment. 3) A manager that finds they went overboard on Playable leagues, and finds the game slow, can move some leagues that matter to them to View Only rather than needing to get rid of them completely. 4) Likewise, a manager finding they have added capacity could make more leagues View Only. I really think this would be a simple, but highly popular addition, especially with the sorts of managers that want to play an international game. For example, in my current save I'd perhaps consider a country like Poland one day, if it wasn't for the fact I'd never be able to remove it to its initial status, and would also lose all detail in that country if I then switched it off later on.
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