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  1. Just adding my voice to this, I just won the treble with Arsenal, going into my 3rd season I play Liverpool and Man Utd away from home twice and Chelsea at home twice. I love this save but there's no way I'm going forward with it unless SI fix it. Really pissing me off as this is a pretty serious bug.
  2. Seems like this is a common and very frustrating bug as I don't really want to start the season like this.
  3. I'm just starting my third year in charge of Arsenal and I've been scheduled to play a number of teams in the Premier League either only at home, home and away (as it should be) and only away. I'd rather not play Liverpool at Anfield once in a season let alone twice! I saw someone had the same problem with a Stoke save in their third season? Please help me out here!
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