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  1. How does this warrant a thread?
  2. 101 posts! I think you're already a candidate.
  3. Yes! Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly in denial.
  4. 10.2 my players condition deterioration in matches was ridiculous, and also the keepers were beyond good. 10.3 my game kept crashing.
  5. Is their a known problem with regens on patch 10.1.1? I ask because as a little test I holidayed the game to 2016, and in that time 2600+ regens have been created by the database. I used genie scout to look at ca/pa, and not one regen has a current ability over 170. Their are plenty with pa over the 170 mark, but none of them have yet reached it. Is this down to AI training? Or is it as I suspect 10.1.1?
  6. thebluesigns is obviously black, so just ignore him.
  7. Your definition of humour is funnier than this tbh.
  8. Definitely an edit, just look at his physicals. At 14 that is impossible.
  9. whitehead.10 I would go for Ben Arfa. Not really a galacticos signing, but he is a very well attributed winger and can also play in the middle and up top. I might be starting a real game very soon, just working on some tactics at the moment.
  10. Can anyone shed any light?
  11. I'm not on 10.3, but if her were to upload the save could I possibly play it?.
  12. gcs, nice results especially with Everton. Can you please post a screen of the formation.
  13. Is their any difference between classic and wizard regarding the tactic? Or is it just layout wise.
  14. So I'm currently on 10.1.0. Do I need to go through all the patches, or can I just download 10.3?
  15. What a meaningless post. To the OP, it's your tactics.