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  1. You can experiment with Peddar as DLP D and Smith as CM S or otherway around DLP S and CM D or CM S and CM D. Or you leave it that way. I think theese are all good combinations. I like the BWM S more with a CM/DLP D, because the BWM will leave his position to press the opponent while his partner covers the gaps. That's all up to you and needs some experimenting. I am not a friend of changing TIs that much. Even more, I rarely use TIs. But again, that is up to you, if you found your style of play, leave it that way and try to change your mentality first, before changing TIs. Mentality influences all TIs. Shorter passing gets even shorter with a cautious mentality and more direct with an offensive mentality for example.
  2. Now your tactical setup is more balanced. Are you satisfied with the results now? Only a few changes I would consider: FB instead of a WB behind your Winger, as WB and W do the same thing in attack. I tend to use a WB only if there is no other player on this side to provide width. Does Pedder deliver as CM (S)? If he does not, try him as a DLP. Changing a CM to a DLP or otherway around might have a huge impact. When you find it hard to break down the opposition's defence, change mentality to a more cautious approach stepwise. Attacking might be too rushed out against a defensive team.
  3. These are all good advices! But check Pedder's and Lewis' attributes to find out if they suit this position and role. Don't judge by the (green) circles on the tactic overview because they might be misleading. And training a player in another position is also advicable if he has the right attributes. At first the player gets a reduction in decision making when used at an unfamiliar position, but that will be fine when he adopts playing there.
  4. Personally, I find it difficult to break down a massive defence too. I have the most success by remaining patient, not throwing away my tactial approach every now and then and avoiding gung-ho. The Advances Playmaker (A) is still no player to help out your lonely poacher, he is more a creative player. And he finds himself too often marked out by the opposition, when playing with only one striker in front of him. The AP (S) sits a bit deeper on this position and has more influence. Therefore I would consider a Shadow Striker or Attacking Midfielder (A) and leave the creativity to other positions on the pitch. Probably you need to find another player in your squad as it demands some other attributes than for the AP (s). Instead move your playmaker in the central midfield or consider to change your DLF (s) to an AP (S/A). I would not use a Wingback and a Winger on the same side as they are trying to do the same: staying wide, dribble down the flank and cross more often. Behind the winger I would go with a Fullback (S/D). He still provides support for your winger, but is more of a passing option and more able to recycle possession. If you have a good passer on this side with the right mental attributes too, an Inside Wingback is worth a try. But I am not sure if that's an option for lower leagues. On the other side Inside Forward/Inside Winger is a good choice with a Wingback going down the flank and providing width. I don't feel comfortable with tight marking. It just doesn't suit my style of play. If your team benefits from using it, you can stick with it! But bear in mind, that it pulls your players out of position. Trying different passing styles is a good choice only when you don't overdo it. Do not switch from short and low to direct and high in one step. Remove Team Instructions first, e.g. work ball into box as you are already playing a short passing game and both in combination might be too conservative in the final third. Consider changing mentality as it already affects the passing and tempo settings (and everything else). The Team Instructions are only to shift mentality in one or another direction and fine-tune your tactic, in my opinion.
  5. At first, the AI tends to play more defensivley after you climbed up in the table and they are considering you to be a serious contender in the league. That happens regulary in the middle of the season. When they first played more offensively against you and left gaps in the defence, they won't offer you theese opportunities anymore. They are simply taking you serious now. And it is very difficult to find the right tactical answers - even more in the current state of the match engine that favours defensive teams. When you watch your team's attributes honestly compairing to the league, are you still a serious contender or are you not? If you are not, don't expect too much. Your team is not able to beat equal or stronger opponents that don't offer you an exposed defence. But you can consider to adapt your tactic a bit in order to be solid at the back and still create chances to score. But don't expect miracles. If you are, you should rethink your tactical approach and given player roles. I am not a tactical god like some others here in the community. They can give you better and more detailed advice. But in my opinion your tactic has some issues that are worth overthinking. You can try some of the following things step by step and watch carefully if it helps you or if it is not beneficial. There is no right or wrong. Your pressing is very aggressive which might make your defence unstable and vulnerable. To move the line of engagement and pressing urgency sliders one notch back might help. And if you feel your team is dominating the opposition too much without creating enough chances, it is also advicable because giving the opposition some time to breath and luring them out of their own half might offer you some more space to explore. Both of your flanks are doing pretty much the same. An inverse wide midfielder or Inside Forward could give you more variation in attack. Same can be said about your wingbacks. I would consider to have one wingback on support or attack in combination with an IW/IF to overlap and give you width on this flank and one fullback on defend or support to stay in midfield behind the winger There is no one in midfield to join your poacher and attack the box. Your poacher might be too isolated. Either changing your poacher to a more supportive role like DLF or one of your midfielders to a more attacking role to provide some more runs from deep might help. Look for an AM on attack or even a shadow striker or one of your central midfielders as a box to box. Your passing game is short and patient. That might help you to retain possesion and i could be wrong, but probably there are less elements of surprise. Playing a standard passing game or removing work ball into box might also help. In general take your time to think about who is your main goalscoarer, who will help him in the box, who are your creators and creative outlets, who provides width in order to stretch the oppostion, who sits back to avoid being caught exposed and to recycle your possesion.
  6. I think that it is possible to break down the opposition's possesion a bit. But it is necessary to take a much more offensive approach and taking more risks than I feel comfortable with. And that only leads to too easy counter opportunities against my side. So I have to leave the ball to them and let me get outplayed, hoping for this one corner to beat them. The other way around than it should be, the weaker side should be hoping for this one chance.
  7. Same to me. I can't remember a single goal scored by a header of one of my strikers. My strikers are very competent in the air though. But the AI's strikers neither score by header. Only exception are free kicks and corners. Playing down the flanks and floating the box with crosses is currently not possible.
  8. I am just wondering, does anyone saw a goal after a floating cross scored by a header? Even my best aerial striker (17 jumping, 16 header, every other attribute that might be relevant about 14-15) is unable to score after a cross. The strikers don't get the ball on goal even when they are totally unmarked. Exception are headers after free kicks and corners and a wide man getting his foot at the ball at the far post. But in the current state of the ME playing down the flanks does not make sense to me. I did not see a single goal in multiple seasons neither by my strikers nor by the ai's.
  9. Is there a more detailed changelist for this update, especially regarding the match engine? In my opinion the latest update of 19.3.0 seems to discard some positive tweaks of the match engine made by the update before. Fewer variety of chances, fewer through balls, more ineffective forward runs by the offensive players and if the opportunity arises, wasted one-on-ones. I thought 19.3.0 was heading in the right direction. Now the matches seem static and frustrating again. I might be wrong, that's just my personal observation.
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