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  1. Hi guys I have signed Matthijs De Ligt for a large fee. The contract talks were protracted as well as agreeing on a transfer fee.... but I got my man. He's now at the club and arrived with a 'dislike of the manager' under his dynamics tab.... Whats that about? Will it go away or is it a glitch attached to his previous manager that won't be removed....
  2. Dalot is developing. Still midway through my first season. I just want some quality there while Dalot continues to learn. Thanks regarding Fernandes. His stats are very impressive. I haven't used Werner so I can't help you there... Do you think Sessegnon can be developed into a world class left back? I would like to sign some young English talent as at the moment I'm only bringing in foreign players...
  3. Have league going with Man Utd. I have signed Chiesa, Skriniar and Wiegl. I have sold Lingaard, Smalling, and Young will leave at the end of the season. I have also signed Tonali (long term Matic replacement), but loaned him back to Brescia until the end of the season. At the end of the season I want to sign a quality RB. Not a wonderkid but the real deal. I'm thinking of Kimmich... Any other suggestions??
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