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  1. I've been doing more testing, and I've discovered something of significance importance. Either the based nation or unique division has a significant effect on regen quality. If you put the top English teams into Romania Div 1, the best regen of the lot will only be around ~150 PA. In the English Premier Division, this would be ~190 PA. The same thing happens if you put Romanian teams into the English Premier Division - their top regen goes from 150 PA to 190 PA. It's not just the top regens that are changed, it's the average/median of the youth intake too. Factors that have been con
  2. There is a guaranteed process, and I'm going to identify it and disseminate it here (or elsewhere if need be). I may not be able to see the hidden variables, but I can measure them by their in-game outcomes. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it won't be able to put it back in again, and that is a pleasing thought to me. I do not subscribe to the belief that explaining the magic ruins the enjoyment of it, and it disgusts me that SI have decided to defend the magic over the years not just by remaining silent on the core mechanics of the game, but by actively misleading users and hiding var
  3. But why is England better than Romania at producing young footballers? I'm not asking why, I'm asking how, and not in terms of the real world, but in terms of how the game operates. A lot of us here (I presume) have operated on the assumption that all else being equal, youth rating is what determines regen quality. Going by my testing, this is wrong, because even when all factors are made equal and youth rating is equal too (120), teams in the English Premier Division still produce regens that have on average ~40 more PA than Romania Div 1! I'm not taking exception to this on the basis
  4. I've been trying to crack the code as to what exactly effects newgen starting CA/PA. I've worked out that most of the factors - most notably game importance - have no influence at all (or at least, nothing even slightly noticeable over ~10 youth intakes). Having worked out many of the factors out roughly, but well enough, I decided to test this using an unedited database, comparing the youth intake of an English Premier League team to a Div. 2 Romanian team. If my factors were accurate, it should predict the CA/PA with fair accuracy. But they weren't accurate. So I decided to control
  5. A separate post for this. I have been attempting to further confirm my values of the factors by testing comparing a club in Romania Div. 2 (unedited) to my West Ham results (unedited). If my factor values are correct, then I should be able to predict accurately the difference in regen CA/PA by calculating with the factor values. Unfortunately, it's not lining up at all. I suspect it is because I am not accounting for other factors, in particular league reputation, which I've completely forgotten about. I'm thinking perhaps league reputation, because the difference between West Ham (pre
  6. What has an immediate effect on regen quality Well I look at it this way: If the effect is so negligible that it's not apparent from 3.. 6.. or even 10 intakes, then it's not even worth identifying. I don't know about other people, but I've rarely played beyond a few years when I play. Now, you posit that there is a shift of the distribution towards lower values, but my testing shows that the average remains the same. The average would only be an inaccurate judge in this case if along with the lower-shifted distribution, there were more high outliers to offset it - but if you lo
  7. I'm happy to share my method so anyone can verify, but to nip this in the bud I've decided to do a new test with just one edit of setting England to 'completely useless'. The reason why I made FC Bayern a 'perfect' club was because I wanted to measure the full effect of the options, which isn't necessary here. This method also addresses the points that maybe my results don't apply for the typical user, and that different nations/leagues/teams produce different results due to hidden variables. My settings for the game: To save on time, I've started unemployed and holidayed until 27th Fe
  8. Youth Recruitment 10 1739 PA 849 CA 1832 PA 842 CA 1711 PA 815 CA 1760 PA average (~11% decrease) 835 CA average (~10% decrease) The effect is close to, but not exactly linear. Youth Recruitment 10 + Club Reputation 5000 1800 PA 819 CA 1851 PA 812 CA 1873 PA 819 CA 1841 PA average (~7% decrease) 817 CA average (~11.5% decrease) Although there is just a 1.5% decrease in CA compared to above, CA usually follows PA in ratio, so to see CA decrease while PA has increased by 4%, it suggests that making the club reputation 5000 pr
  9. Another example of 'completely useless': 935 CA 2107 PA Highest individual PA of 164 also suggests an unaltered distribution
  10. Averaged, but small sample size. The only one I'm not too confident about is club reputation has a 10% effect on CA, it could be just random variation. I plan on doing more testing. As to what has been posted by the forum mod and SI researcher above, the first thing I have to say is that what got me started on this is that the information posted in the forums over the years by SI staff and moderators has not only been lacking/vague, but (from memory) they have even contradicted each other. Youth recruitment has a strong effect on CA/PA. On average it seems around 25% on both, or
  11. And what we found surprised us For whatever reason, they won't tell us the basic mechanics of this game. So I decided to investigate some of them myself. Here's what I've found out in regards to regen quality (immediate effects only): Youth Importance = NO EFFECT Youth Coaching = Changing from '20' to '1' reduces PA by ~40%, CA appears unaffected. '10' appears equal to '20', but this requires further investigation. Youth Facilities = NO EFFECT Youth Recruitment = Changing from '20' to '1' reduces both CA & PA by ~25%. Changing from '20' to '10' reduces CA & PA by ~10%. E
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