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  1. Yeah, it is bad, definitely. Usually, in the second half of the season when my team has "gelled" it improves and my play is more fluid and decisive. However, if you have new players or your team is rusty after the off-season, some games are literally unwatchable because your players turn into apes who just shoot the ball straight at the defender all the time. In a number of games against a weaker team I had more than 50 shots. That is more than one shot per two minutes of play time. I regularly see more than 10 blocked shots in a game. Couple that with the obligatory woodwork which I often hi
  2. 100% agree with this, it is too limited and leaves you with very little to work with.
  3. I was not referring to his player in this example but mine, should have specified it better. But since you are nitpicking I guess this discussion is going nowhere. You say its fine I say its not, no big deal.
  4. You see those pics uploaded by another user few hours ago documenting nonsensical interaction, do you? You dont think that it is broken? You dont think that it is broken when you promise a guy to sell him and you receive zero offers but he still causes a mutiny? No, there was no change in their reputation, all my players, after all those years are world class, famous players, earning top wages. And sorry, but if you sign a new contract then you have no business asking for another one after 5 months even if your reputation changed. If this was isolated ,fair enough, but it is not. The
  5. Precisely. They dont understand. And since AI interaction IQ and user´s options to deal with it are so basic and limited, we would be better off without it, at least I would. The only "bullet-proof" solution is to use the in-game editor and click on: Remove all unhappiness. Problem solved.
  6. This is Fm interaction in a nutshell. But my main gripe this year is contract demands. You give a player a nice contract for five years, meet all his contractual conditions and five months later he is back with another contract demand. This is, in my opinion, the most ridiculous thing about man management this year and is an example of a "feature" that should not be in the game at all, if it cannot be executed properly.
  7. I have unsettled many players in my time, trust me mate:-D I know I can do the same things as AI but my point is that it is too easy predictable and unrealistic. And yes, 9/10 times I refuse a bid my player is angry because I blocked a move that would be a great step in his career....well, yeah, sure:-D I would conclude: Interactions should be in the game but they should not be as important as now until they can make them more realistic. Just my opinion, but for me, interactions are seriously breaking immersion.
  8. I agree with the original poster. Yes this is how I believe it works but that does not make it realistic because in FM, every single time PSG makes a bid my player is unsettled. I also had an unsettled player because of a bid by Tottenham (who were Europa league team) and most recently Chelsea who have become a mid-table team in my save. I manage Real Madrid, have one 8 league titles in a row, 8x copa dely rey, 7x champions league etc., and yet my players are unhappy all the time because a mid-table team bid for them? Come on. Anyways, I finally decided to sell my key player to PSG b
  9. The AI has an overall problem when it comes to training. I am in 2026 and I rarely see a newgen trained as an inside forward. All I am seeing are wingers all over the place with wicked pace and crossing stats but poor finishing and composure. I guess that unless I train my players as inside forwards since babies I will not be able to continue with my current tactics as I rely on wide players with good finishing. It is also hard to find ball playing defenders because AI trains everyone, judging by the stats, as limited defenders. It goes contrary to modern trends. Attribute
  10. Headers are counted as a chance in FM, even as a clear cut chance, I have a tall regen who is dominant in the air and his headers have been counted as CCC a number of times.
  11. No one has corrected me because there is nothing to correct. Do you have limited tactical options? Yes. Are strikers scoring less than in real life? Yes. Has it been acknowledged that attacking movement is problematic? Yes. Has it been fully fixed? I say no. I would like to know when SI officially said they completely fixed attacking movement and now it is perfect:-D I would really like to know how movement is the same as in fm 18, are you a part of the dev team?
  12. Herne, I appreciate your constructive and polite replies but you are wrong. I said he had limited options to make his strikers score which is correct. Or are you suggesting that we have unlimited options in this game? Now we don´t, even in real life your options are limited. But this thread has gone definitely sideways, my bad.
  13. Just checked strikers in fm, goals scored in their last 4 real life seasons and goals scored in 4 fm seasons: Lewandowski: reality: 17, 30, 30, 29 FM: 21, 15, 14, 10 Messi: Reality: 43, 26, 37, 34. FM: 7, 10, 12, 10. Aguero: Reality: 26, 24, 20, 21 FM: 17, 14, 5, 0 Yes, those guys are getting older and they decline but the numbers just go down markedly since the first fm season kicks in. There are almost no stand out goal performances in fm.
  14. He scored 35 goals but you can see, from the penalty column which is right next to the goals column, which is not fully visible, that he scored double digit goals from penalties, so at least 10 goals are from the spot kick. And Icardi is the best finisher in fm 2019, he was the one who scored 36 for me.
  15. I know, and I said he should experiment with roles and tactics but there is only so much he can do to counter ME problems.
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