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  1. No one has corrected me because there is nothing to correct. Do you have limited tactical options? Yes. Are strikers scoring less than in real life? Yes. Has it been acknowledged that attacking movement is problematic? Yes. Has it been fully fixed? I say no. I would like to know when SI officially said they completely fixed attacking movement and now it is perfect:-D I would really like to know how movement is the same as in fm 18, are you a part of the dev team?
  2. Herne, I appreciate your constructive and polite replies but you are wrong. I said he had limited options to make his strikers score which is correct. Or are you suggesting that we have unlimited options in this game? Now we don´t, even in real life your options are limited. But this thread has gone definitely sideways, my bad.
  3. Just checked strikers in fm, goals scored in their last 4 real life seasons and goals scored in 4 fm seasons: Lewandowski: reality: 17, 30, 30, 29 FM: 21, 15, 14, 10 Messi: Reality: 43, 26, 37, 34. FM: 7, 10, 12, 10. Aguero: Reality: 26, 24, 20, 21 FM: 17, 14, 5, 0 Yes, those guys are getting older and they decline but the numbers just go down markedly since the first fm season kicks in. There are almost no stand out goal performances in fm.
  4. He scored 35 goals but you can see, from the penalty column which is right next to the goals column, which is not fully visible, that he scored double digit goals from penalties, so at least 10 goals are from the spot kick. And Icardi is the best finisher in fm 2019, he was the one who scored 36 for me.
  5. I know, and I said he should experiment with roles and tactics but there is only so much he can do to counter ME problems.
  6. There are entire threads dedicated to low scoring by individual players as well as teams. I am stating this as a fact because it is a fact. Even SI acknowledged there are issues with attacking movement and are working on it. I have played 9 full seasons in fm 19 and not a single player, except for mine, has scored more than 26 goals in a full league season. When I managed in England, in one season the Pichichi trophy in Spain for top scorer was won by a guy with 12 goals. Dutch eredivisie Golden boot was won by a guy with 11 goals. I am sorry but what other evidence do you require to acknowledge that there is an issue? Lionel Messi had his best season when he scored 12 goals in La Liga. Just check how many goals guys like Kane and Aguero score in real life and compare it to FM. You can see their statistics from real life on their profile and you will immediately see the drop in their productivity once fm simulated seasons kick in. Man city have won three titles in a row in England, never scoring more than 80 goals in the process and similar examples are abundant. Your passive-aggressive reply as a moderator is dissapointing to me. What I am trying to tell the OP is that he should not worry too much about his issue because it is an inherent problem to the game and his options are limited. Hundreds of people have posted about this issue in the bug threads and general feedback threads, so I am definitely not alone in this. Edit: The most shocking example is Bayern Munich - 51 Goals in 34 matches. If it was an isolated issue, fair enough. But is is clearly not.
  7. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. It is an ME issue. Check how many goals AI strikers score. You will rarely see anybody scoring more than 20 goals in the league (and that includes highly attacking competitions such as Dutch Eredivisie). My striker scored 36 goals in one season, but 11 of those goals were from penalties and he is undoubtedly the best finisher in the game. And generally, teams do not score enough compared to real life. You as a human can make certain workarounds and score much more than AI but since 99.9% of the games are AI vs AI the entire football world in this FM is very unbalanced and unrealistic. The only thing you can do is to experiment with roles and build up play but striker behavior in this game is severely flawed which in combination with overpowered defense and extremely defensive AI mindset will render your strikers pretty much useless in A LOT of games.
  8. 1922 was also BETA and then made official. People complained but to no avail. If they released this as BETA, it means they are very close to releasing it as official. But of course, I am no developer so its just my opinion.
  9. Judging by eye test I think that too many teams have very low goals conceded in 19.2.2. and they do not score enough but I guess its tolerable. But 1927 is just pathetic, I do not want to insult anyone, but I cant think of a better word. I played 5 games and went back to 1922. I hit the woodwork more than 10 times in those five games plus AI hit it at least 3 times, not sure of the exact number, I stopped counting very quickly. I refuse to play that, no way. In 1922 I see a lot of nonsense but at least I can score somehow, but if I played with the latest version I would end up throwing a chair through the window, it is that frustrating to watch.
  10. It´s not really about defending being overpowered now but players being completely and utterly incompetent at finishing and goalkeepers being supermen. If they release this as the final ME update to the general public, I think world war three will start LOL You know that ME sucks when you rather revert back to 1922 which is awful.
  11. You are right. In FM19 it is easier to play against a top side and AI has the same issues. I play in La Liga, Atletico Madrid are the second best team. They regularly beat Barca, Valencia, even Real Madrid (Me), but drop points against relegation teams. It happens in real life as well (Liverpool for example) but in FM all top sides have this issue. Barca always end up 25 points behind me because they keep drawing and losing to teas such as Huesca, Valladolid etc. Then they smash Juventus 6-1 in the UCL. The attacking phase is very problematic in this ME and it is made worse by insanely negative tactics employed by AI teams. Do you remember Mourinho´s Inter vs Barca in 2010 UCL semifinals? Well, that is your bread and butter in FM, your average game against a bottom team. I frequently have games where AI does not even ATTEMPT to shoot, let alone hit the target, and these games include matches against teams of the calibre of Porto, Sevilla, Inter Milan. By the way, what has happened to close range finishing in ME 1926? Finishing was already poor and I thought they would nerf long range goals, not close range! I´ve already had 2 games where I hit the woodwork 5 times!! I can have up to 20 shots on target in a single game, ridiculous. How often does that happen? World class strikers missing chance after chance, goalkeepers are now super human, we are back to November when the only way to score was from a set piece. If any one believes that finishing was bad in ME 1922, I highly recommend not updating the game at all, at least do not use Beta engine, you will hate it, it is 10 times worse.
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