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  1. I think Matip will stiffen up the central defence. What I have seen him in Bundesliga he is good! Also feel that mr Klopp will make Lazar Markovic shine next season. Hopefully not wrong but I think he has the potential to be very good premierleague player! Too bad we loaned him out.
  2. Mignolet cost us 3 points today... #%%#%%#%#%!!!!
  3. Have to agree 110% with mr Klopp. Our players make bad decisions in final 1/3. Throw in Ibe and Benteke/Sturridge on 60min at latest. Milner provides us nothing offensively nor Lallana. This game should already be wrapped up if the above would have been done.
  4. Agreed 100%! There is also absolutely no point to pay these ridicilious transfer fees that you have to during january transfer market. It is waste of money and Klopp knows this. We have actually played much better with same core of players when BR was manager. I seriously doubt we would have won againts Man City, Chelsea and even be in Cup final if he was still in charge. I have no doubt that Klopp will make adjustments to suit his style during summer. Personal note... whoever signed off giving Markovic loan deal should be axed. We would have plenty of use for him already looking at Milner and Lallana. Oh well.. this will be up and down season.
  5. What are you talking about! Mr Rodgers is 85% blame on situation we are in now. He was clueless with tactics and his signings were mostly directly from horror movies. It will take time to sort that mess out and yes he should have been replaced way earlier. Just beyond me to read such comment you just made.... don't not whether to cry or laugh!
  6. I doubt he is happy with the effort today... well take nothing away from Leicester. No wonder they are leading the league.
  7. Not good effort today and yes Mignolet has kept us in the game. Just noticed that Milner was on the pitch... he has been a ghost
  8. Oh come on guys.. Mignolet has not been bad tonight... no keeper plays or stays at 6 yard line. Beautiful counter attack by Leicester. Credit when credit is due.
  9. We have been playing much much better under Klopp and to be honest it was awful to watch those games under Rodgers especially this season. Now at least we have an idea and philosophy to go on with. Too bad our players just don't put the ball in the net. Dominated the whole game yesterday but finishing was horrible. It will take a bit time to Klopp sort out this squad.
  10. ...and he is not the only one! These things would never had happened with BR!
  11. Who cares? It will always be tough to get anything from Stamford Bridge! Well played and truly deserved the victory!
  12. I like the playing style Klopp is bringing to Liverpool Players trying harder and actually seem to enjoy more!!! For sure the quality and confidence is not there yet and we are massive injury crisis as well. Still very happy and good days will come! These youngsters are definatle putting up an effort today as well!
  13. How this ended up in a draw... well.. just start Benteke over Origi on the weekend. We had our chances but the players did not deliver this time around. Have to say that Milner especially delivered poor corners...
  14. ...with even a bit more clinical finishing this game should have over by now! The good news is that we are actually creating chances which is improvement of itself!
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