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  1. + The new scouting system is much better... + Transfer negotiations are smoother... - The tactic screen... (enough said about that) - ME has some flaws. Bulk of the goals seem to come either from direct crosses or flipper bounces from it. Thus if you want to exploit the ME wing based tactics are way to go. Now only watch goal highlights are AI scored goals are very similar and gets boring after short while. Fullback running besides.. cross.. either direct goal or some bounce. - Corners seem also be second best thing to score. The "6 yard zonal" makes things easier but not liking these. -
  2. I have been running FM13 among other things with this ASUS G75V laptop. http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/Gaming_Powerhouse/G75VW/ It is somewhat expensive but personally very happy with the model. Things run fast and the laptop does not heat up.
  3. Hi, I did download the classic version of this tactic. Nothing wrong with my own 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 but wanted to see what this is about and get more motivation to my liverpool career. Anyway, had few matches with the classic. Worked nicely but my roster had way too many wingers so I kind of transformed this into 4-4-2. Basically 2 SC, AMR + AML, MC and DMC. Made few tweaks into passing orders and mentality. Had to rework the wingers though. ...and oh boy we have been playing Excellent football after this. The ball is flowing around nicely and hammering teams. The biggest win so far has bee
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