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  1. - Player testimonials for the club legends when they retire. - Being able to somehow spend your wages made as a manager, otherwise the wages are pointless. - Media interaction should vary with more specific questions. - Better player interaction. They should interact more with you and with each other. - Kit design. Kits change in real life so you should be able to design new kits in the game. - More interaction with your board eg. you could have disagreements with the chairman. - Appeals over red cards should at least have the possibility of being sucessful. - More interaction with your backroom staff. - Players could get spotted in nightclubs for example and this could be reported in the media. - Better commentary in the match engine. - Transfers should be more realistic eg. Roma should not be turning down a £70M bid for Daniele De Rossi and surely someone will take Phillipe Senderos off my hands for £500,000
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