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  1. One problem I notice playing with a shadow striker up front is that he loses the ball too often in the middle of the park due to his tendency to drive forward with the ball and have no real passing options in front of him.
  2. Might be the case if you are playing him as deep lying forward and your team focuses too much on possession? Try switching to a pressing forward if that’s the case.
  3. I always find it difficult against teams that play with 3 striker formation. Never used it as a tactic myself but always struggle against it .
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! curious if you would be using shorter passing or much shorter passing for your benfica team if you were in fm 20?
  5. 4-2-3-1 GK - De Gea RB - Full Back (A) - Wan Basaka CB - Centre Back - Lindelof CB - Centre Back - Maguire LB - Wing Back (s) - Shaw CM - Centre Mid (D) - McTom CM - Ball winning mid (s) - Fred/Matic or box to box - Fred/Pogba AMR - Winger (s) - James AMC - Attacking Mid (s) - Fernandes AML - Inside Forward (a) - Rashford ST - Pressing Forward (a/s) - Martial
  6. Just thought it would be really cool to have in the game, the authority to appoint your team's next manager if say you have made yourself a legend at the club like Sir Alex did at Manchester United.
  7. outside topic: btw if you want your scouts to bring you a list of players that YOU WANT, I suggest you to do your own scouting assignments and specifically assign your scouts to specific places for specific type of players (e.g young, intelligent prospects).
  8. I know in real life manager would give his team a pre-match briefing to talk about oppositional weaknesses and strengths, as well as how he wants the team to play. I wonder how effective is the briefing in FM? Like does it add to your tactical familiarity and allow you to execute your game plan better?
  9. Anyone else find it difficult to win at Tottenham's home turf? I guess its quite realistic given that they are a difficult team to play against in real life, but has anyone here had any luck playing them away?
  10. for the 1st tactic, perhaps I should've elaborated further, its good against teams that play a narrow formation. Chances are it will not work against teams that counter you on the flanks. I put halfbacks there because I want to outnumber my opposition in the middle and create passing option in the middle. My suggestion is if you play against defensive teams that have a tendency to counter on the flank, change the halfbacks to inverted wing backs in the higher positions (automatic, dribble less, less risky). That way, you will have control in the middle (when in possession) because the inverted
  11. My chief scout does a really good job (almost 98% accurate) in predicting how my opposition will line up, I am able to plan accordingly. There are a few regens on my squad but I'm in 8th season so that makes sense. Most of them are promoted through the ranks if not bought at young age. 1. Against teams that are defensive but either plays with two strikers or will try to counter attack. Halfbacks here are set to stay wider when in possession of the ball (Luke Shaw can play there too but may lack discipline staying behind) and Regista is given the license to bomb forward. Used to ha
  12. @phnompenhandy haha I know I know.... I'm just ranting cuz it nearly takes 100 points in order to secure the title
  13. After conceding the title to Liverpool for two consecutive years by narrow margin... New season: appointed Roy Keane as my assistant manager and made new tactics for teams that will park the bus against me (posted later). Let's see how that plays out
  14. oh boy mind games do not work against Klopp haha. Everytime I try to play mind games with them, they become even more determined and win their games 5-0. i agree with what all of you are saying though, i need to somehow try to get that extra 5% consistency from my squad aka not to gift away points in away games against weaker teams.
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