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  1. 8 hours ago, kevhamster said:

    Fair enough, thanks!  I have placed an advert, but I'm currently relying on players offering themselves and signing them on a trial!

    That said, one thing I have noticed is that the game runs really slowly.  I added all the UK nations and England down to level 13, but I'm wondering if that's just too much.  I'm not even sure how many divisions that is, but I know the further down you go the number of different leagues is significant.  I may need to restart, possibly make it England only, but I'm thinking perhaps down to level 13 is just too much for my humble processor to manage!

    It will get better as your progress through the levels. Just remove leagues not used as you go up and up! 

  2. On 21/04/2019 at 03:42, phnompenhandy said:

    Who's doing this then? I've fired up a save managing Plymouth Armada at level 14. As you can see from the screen, in pre-season playing higher-level sides, I'm having an easy time of it. The amateur players the AI gave me look like they'd hold their own six levels higher up. The stadium capacity is 750 - I've sold nearly 700 season tickets and selling out for friendlies - the U23 and U18 games are selling out too. I think I'll need to go into the editor to set some restrictions to give myself a bit of a challenge.



    I'm at Level 9 now with Millbridge FC (started at 12) and finally starting to average 150 attendance every league game and 500 or so for FA Cup ties. So that's what you should expect after Dan fixes the file. I will say that I've had a pretty easy go of it down this low. I try to keep my club in the bottom half of the league in terms of salary, just to give myself some restrictions.

    For some reason, Plymouth Argyle Under 21's are in the Western League Premier Division...didn't think that was possible. 

    Really enjoying all of the cup ties that go along with the league games. Adds that little bit of variety to the game this far down in the pyramid. 

  3. On 18/03/2019 at 07:59, rufnek1980 said:

    As we are all probably aware you can easily fill your team with 40-year-old 5-star experience players or get 5-star players to easily walk the leagues until you go semi-pro/pro or hit the conference leagues but just wanted to get your thoughts as to what is the accepted approach? I understand that maybe following the youth challenge rules is probably the most realistic but I don't want to be that rigid, just up until I reach semi-pro really or maybe pro So do I only go for my own youth players and make no transfers? or should I only look for transfers within my current league as they are local cos I do know teams still do poach other players in the lower levels (or they did when I played Sunday league anyway as a 16 yr old)  Just need some opinions really as I don't want to feel I am c


  4. 41 minutes ago, Pa FM said:

    What tactics are ye using in level 12 n how are ye doing with them I’m thinking plenty of men behind the ball n lump it forward 

    I'm having pretty good luck with a 4-4-1-1 counter pressing tactic...you can dominate pretty easily in the lower divisions, so try not to gobble up all the decent players on cheap and use your youth players instead! 

  5. On 08/03/2019 at 08:20, phnompenhandy said:

    Who're you managing? Is that the league with Marjon, where I used to teach courses?

    The SI game isn't geared up for this level, so what I do is bring in my own restrictions. In this case, I simply wouldn't touch that money. I'd check in the team stats list the wage budgets of your league rivals and take one at or near the bottom to be my limit.


    Another thing I do that I've never seen any LLaMas mention is with staffing. Even with the tiniest amateur pub team you're allowed to start off with a DoF, HoYD, assman, 2 coaches, reserve staff, youth staff, scouts and physios. That's unrealistic. What I've done is sign an assman whose secondary role is HoYD, a coach who doubles up as DoF and the youth manager who is our sole scout. Can't do that with a physio so I've advertised and it took until December to get one in.

    I'm managing Millbridge FC...didn't see a Marjon in that league. I do hold some standard...i have few staff....and a lot of non-contracts.

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