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  1. Thanks for the reply. Please see the attachment. So roughly 65 mil additional budget without adjustment. I’m also seeking Ozil so that will clear another 23 mil. However the board restricts me to only offer up to 23 mil in wages.
  2. Just got a new update on switch. Logged in and saw the problem still was there. Wondering if there is another update coming soon to fix the problem. I have stopped playing the game for more than two weeks now due to this wage ceiling bug.
  3. Hi, My wife got the FM touch on Nintendo Switch as a Christmas present. I love the game until a recent problem that completely killed my enthusiasm. My specific case: I was trying to negotiate contract with Neymar after PSG accepted my offer. However, the system kept telling me that they cannot suggest the wage term due to board restriction (40 mil wage). I scrolled down and saw that I could only offer up to ~19 mil, even though I have 60+ mil budget in the payroll. I searched the forum and found similar issues posted late 2017 early 2018. Is there a schedule to fix this problem? It really is a show stopper personally: the whole point is to work hard win trophies and sign bigger players and try to win more and more. Please let me know what additional information I can submit to help resolve the issue.
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