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  1. Yes via Geforce Experience, I played 4-5 matches with no lag, only thing I'm worried about is sometimes long waiting before match start.
  2. Okay, I can play on medium, it is not a problem but I don't understand why it's happening when FM19 was great on very high or high.
  3. Computer star rating is 2 stars on my database, but even if I will load only 5 leagues problem still apears, only if I change to high graphic settings, on medium is fine.
  4. I have problem when I tried to start match on high settings game freezes before match start on tactical screen but when I'm on medium everything is fine and quick. Can somebody tell me why this is happening? This is my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  5. I asked Nvidia customer service and they said that if I have both Intel and Nvidia graphic card there is no high or fast option in vertcial sync, Only ON of OFF.
  6. I agree with you, SI is trying improve but still something is wrong with ME and sound too. We have nearly late December and game is sometimes still unplayable and anoying. I feel like I have computer from 2005 and I try to play AAA game and then I realise that FM match engine and graphics looks like game from 2005 and it is still laggy.
  7. It happens on all saves, before last update was quite fine, in beta too.
  8. I did it, one thing that has changed - now shows 5 stars graphic possibilities, before it was 1 and still I have to wait too much time till match starts, then match engine is laggy. I have latest graphic drivers for Nvidia and I updated drivers for Intel. The game is still unplayable for me since beta. On high setting or on medium, with shadows off. You ruined optimalisation this year so much. Before every match I'm scared that something will crash and I loose my progress.
  9. I have the latest graphic drivers for my dedicated graphic card. I'm not playing on integreted card.
  10. I also attached my dxdiag. In FM 2019 everything was running perfectly, no crashes etc. DxDiag.txt
  11. When I click PLAY MATCH I have to wait about 1-2 minutes before I go to locker room. This started to happen after 20.2.1 update. I had the same problem with beta but it happened for maybe 2 days, after that everything was OK. I don't know what to do Also, few days ago I had information with running low on memory but i fixed files on steam and was fine after that.
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