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  1. he is doing alright for me in the hole, played as an AP/S with roaming and moving into channels This was becuase i had A RMD on the left. This season he is a Treq and doing very will indeed. I am playing a 4231 deep with a SV-A (DMCR) and DM-D (DMCL) On the left I have an IF/A on the right a winger on support. I have a FB-S on the right and a CWB-S on the left. We are playing a tweaked version of the Fluid Counter Attack.
  2. I had 30 goals from lacazette as a DLF on attack. He had BangYaMam on the left as an RMD and Iwobi or Mik on the right as a winger on support. Ozil was in behind as AP on support. This was a 4231 deep though with a SV on attack (suprisingly Xhaka) and DM on Defend in Torreira
  3. I havent tried it but i did notice that reserve and youth teams have their own dynamics and you can set their own mentoring groups. I don't know how effective they are as i say because i havent tried them.
  4. I heard Rashida say once. Without positioning it doesn't matter how good at tackling a player is. If he is not in the right place at the right time to make the tackle its wasted. The same applies to things like finishing, useless without off the ball and anticipation to be free in the right place at the right time. Technique is the one i don't understand, how can you be able to pass or finish without technique?
  5. Looks very vulnerable down the flanks, particularly on the right, there is also not alot of jumping ability at the back. I would consider Torreira in the HB role as he has much better positioning. Wellbeck is the ideal back up for BangYaMam on the left. I prefer Sweeper Keeper / Support WB Attack on the right FB S on the left BPD S in the DCL CD C in the DCR HB the same DLP - S in the MCL MEZ A or BBM -s in the MCL IF S on the right IF A on the left DLF - S up top Higher D Line, More Pressing, Counter, Shorter Passing,
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