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  1. Kimmich. His passing, first touch, technique and vision are much better in real life. Closer to a Xavi type of player. He is been playing as a wing back because his football intelligence is above most of the other players and can adapt well to almost any position, but he's always been a midfield maestro as he is now in the german team. Ziyech. Much better decision-making and also technical attributes than in the game. Riqui Puig. 19.3 improved him a little, but has a lot more potential than tey've given him credit for. Tadic. VERY underrated all around. Marco Reus. I don't know if someone on SI has any problem with the Dortmund captain, but he's always been criminally underrated. He exhibits world class technique, first touch and vision in real life. Not in the game. Thiago Alcantara. A player that keeps pushing his team to better themselves, controls every aspect of the game and has overcome multiple injuries and come back better than before, deserves much better determination, decisions and teamwork.
  2. Every year the ME has some bug, strange behavior. It's quite normal for something that's so complex and has to achieve some kind of balance. You get used to it and in the end you find a way of having fun with it. For me this year's ME beyond things that are absolutely true in my experience and have been discussed here in frustrating detail (crazy woodwork, strikers not finishing a large amount of clear chances, lack of final third movement and through balls...), the biggest problem, the bottom line is I'm not having fun. At all. And with the latest update perhaps the attack is a touch better, but I assume out of fear of the consequences of alowing just a little more freedom it would result in too much goals, I rarely see games with more than 2,3,4 goals max scored between the two teams, managed by me or AI. My only feedback for FM20 which I'm not buying until I read a lot of positive feedback about the ME is: this is a game ultimately, so please make it fun.
  3. Wow! Either the official Twitter account was trolling us or Nintendo was faster than expected. Thanks!
  4. 19.3 available for everyone except Switch. Just great.
  5. From months for the 19.2 update to, I presume, weeks. We'll see. Disappointing nonetheless.
  6. I'm interested in Aouar, NDombele and Riqui Puig. Have there been any changes in attributes and CA/PA? PD: I play FMT so no update for me at the moment...
  7. On the official Twitter account they said that for Windows/Android/IOS the Winter Update (19.3) would come this week. For the Switch version... "down the line".
  8. For the Switch version 19.2 came just last week and in twitter they say 19.3 "later down the line"
  9. For the Switch version, 19.2 came just last week. Anything but "slight delay" in that case... should we be more hopeful for 19.3?
  10. 29 more days for Japan... https://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/transferfenster
  11. About time! The game runs much better, a little bit faster and more fluid. Small details have improved and bugs are gone from the interface. Still wainting for further improvements regarding the match engine. I hope that the 19.3 Switch update will come along the other platforms.
  12. In my personal experience with previous ME, it's not a problem of accuracy of the long shots but rather players resorting too much to them when facing packed defensive systems, ignoring instructions (I've tried several tempos, mentalities...) instead of trying to find an off the ball movement from a teammate or recycling possession. I don't know how it works in the new beta, it would be nice to get some feedback from the people who are testing it.
  13. I struggle with that too... I still haven't played the beta update but seeing the formation you use I have a question. How do your CMs act? Mine are usually advanced playmakers, I want them to move the ball around but they keep shooting an unreasonable (and annoying) amount of long shots against defensive teams. They do so ignoring team and individual instructions regarding long shots, and the front three, mainly because they become isolated (striker not coming deep, no off the ball movement...). Do you have this problem? If so have you seen any improvement?
  14. Here you go! From loaded leagues: FC Barcelona (my team in this save) and Manchester City. Around 35 games the first one (Arthur played everything), bearing in mind that in Spain the Cup has significantly more games than in Italy and Germany, and the english teams play one more cup and during the holidays. Milan and Bayern (non loaded leagues). Fewer cup games in both countries and Germany stops one month in winter, also less teams in their league. They show around ten more games and not so realistic numbers in some strikers. All in the same february date. I know it's not something major but it unbalances individual awards, ratings, etc. I had a save where the Premier League was not loaded and Kane had almost 50 goals in january. I mean he is good but...
  15. I've found that I can choose three countries to play at the beginning like Spain, England and France, and when during the season I look into the stats of players from other countries like Italy or Germany, they're showing an exagerated number of games played and goals scored (when looking at attacking players), much bigger than the ones from the countries I have their leagues loaded.
  16. And I say complaining is the way of helping on what can be done, at this moment and in the future. As simple as that. They paid the game because they know how good it can be. People focus on the bad hoping to make it better. I don't think SI need praise (they also get that here). Sale numbers are for that.
  17. Are you coding the game? Because the only way I can think of helping them is "crying over spilled milk". That's why they seem to have improved the ME slightly. With everyone's experience and feedback (well at least the ones who spend time here). That's not a Dark Souls type of game where you have to stick to the rules the creators have established and work around it. I think this is a football managing simulator, and people are complaining that a very important part of the simulation (at least for them) has some serious issues.
  18. I had one where he scored some more but most of them were free kicks, penalties and quite a few... HEADERS. Gotta love this ME.
  19. We are. The Switch version is buggy, outdated and more expensive.
  20. Exactly what I'm seeing. In previous FM games I could have six, seven, eight CCCs in a good game. In FM19 having one, two, perhaps three but only once in a while. Set Pieces, crosses, some strange rebounds and own goals are the source of 95% of my scoring. It takes all the fun I used to have trying to build a positive tactic around combination, creativity and off the ball movement. I think the ME is much better suited for counterattacks and defending.
  21. I hope we can get all the updates, perhaps all at once with 19.3. I stopped playing the game because I find the ME has a lot of problems that take all the fun for me, as many have written about around the forum. Luckily I've read that the latest public beta aims to solve this issues and many more. I don't understand why Nintendo makes it so difficult that forces SI to discuss it with them for so many months. It's not worth to pay a much more expensive version of FMT for the Switch if it's stuck on day one, and the other versions keep being worked on and improved upon. Keeping my fingers crossed...
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