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  1. The thing of the last patch is that I see more through balls, but when they leave somebody in front of goal, that player misses almost every one of the chances. And in one of my saves that player is Lionel Messi. But when he sends a ball from an indirect free kick, a lot of them end up being headed by someone (height does not matter) to the back of the net. Frustrating.
  2. At this point I don't think there'll be any changes to the ME. Perhaps some minor adjustments. A major overhaul is not feasible in terms of time available and the confusion around having to fundamentally change a big part of the game now. I personally woudn't want that, although I also feel it's not an ideal ME (not having so many "game breaking" problems though). I hope all their focus goes to improve the attacking part of the game for the next one. That will be my main concern as my future purchase of the game will depend on it.
  3. I hated for the most part de ME in FM2019. This year's last patch is quite good, at least from what I've experienced. Yes, a tad too much headers, it could always have more central play, but overall I've managed to play nice possession based football, with good pressing and nice combinations to break defenses.
  4. I insist since no one took notice. In real life he was trying to force a move to Barcelona or Madrid but in the game he has no interest in going to Barcelona as he doesn't want to change the fans opinion of him at the moment (fans are pretty divided IRL also. It seems to be something that does not change in game. That's not a concern for him.
  5. I can't sign a player because he doesn't want to come and change the fans' opinion of him at the moment, although in the social feed they're excited by this potential signing. How fixed is this situation? Can it be changed, can the player be willing to come eventually? What's your experience in cases like this, have you managed to sign this type of player?
  6. I raised it there, no response at the moment. I think it is because he is on Barcelona's disliked players. In FM19 I couldn't sign him either because he didn't want to try to change the supporters mind. Club performances are very good, what would "wages-lenght" refer to?
  7. Neymar spent last summer trying to leave PSG by any means necessary and go back to Barcelona or even Real Madrid, but I tried signing him with Barcelona several times and he always rejects any approach. He is not interested in going there. He should be very interested, at least according to what has happened the last few months before the game was launched. Is it possible to sign him for them without using any editor? For the sake of realism it should.
  8. Indeed @AlienIR, Madrid too. Ok, will do!
  9. Neymar spent all summer trying to force a move out of PSG and go back to Barcelona but in the game he has no intention of going there when I make a bid. Can it be fixed?
  10. Oh, sorry I hadn't thought about that. Maybe don't assume I can/want to buy one now.
  11. Well then, I'm not buying 2021 (right now the Switch is the only platform I have available to play FM as my laptop is too old), and I'll make sure to inform potential buyers about the fact that they are paying more for a product that won't get the same support as other platforms. At least it would be better to know that beforehand.
  12. SI should warn to potential Switch users that the game will always be several days/weeks behind the other versions and won't get as many updates. When they focus on small details it can be OK but so many changes in the ME is too much to be postponed till next month. Something to consider when buying with the higher price tag. Counting the first, one week after release, the ME this week and the future data update it's only three. Nintendo should allow it. It's not like the game is updated every week.
  13. 20.3 will be released for the other platforms around the end of the month or the beginning of march. So it will probably be around mid march for the Switch. Much more expensive than Android/Steam/iOs FMT and not up to date. Great.
  14. Since FM2011. But I'm not here to measure each other. Everyone has his own opinion based on experience on what should be improved (mine is the attacking side of the game) and it's the developers job to assess it. I simply said I found nothing wrong with a nice goal I watched, at least nothing I'm concerned about.
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