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  1. I'm all tears now. A quitter never wins, a winner never quits!
  2. In other words, when searching for new players don't bother with players who's got lower determination than the team average.
  3. If you have the better players, a normal tactic with no crazy stuff, you should beat a team in the majority of games. That's ok balancing. If you want to do wonders, you have to do wonders with your team and tactics. If you play a lot worse than expected it should be because you did something really wrong with your team and tactics. That middle road, where things go as they should, should be wider. Because when you set up a vanilla 4-4-2 with normal footballing instructions, and pick the players who are your best, you should not feel that the whole game is broken or too tough. At least we should get more time fixing it and become better managers. Now I seldom last a whole season. In any club. And I'm not a stupid or ignorant person at all.
  4. I have been playing with Spartans half a season now. I have made som strong results with inverted wingbacks on support on both sides in a 4-4-2. Counter press and attack. Attacking mentality, high LOE, standard defense line. Won back to back manager of the month in march and april.
  5. You have become Bielsa managing Leeds. Congrats! Seriously, I have the same problem mostly with this game. I would have tried bringing them IF:s and wingers down one notch to midfield. They will attack anyways and maybe with more space to get up to speed in. Sometimes I forget that the players will play perfectly ok from more moderate positions if they are good enough. One other thing I have noticed in this game is that I sometimes benefit from pumping the game up by altering in-game between one lower more conter-like tactic and one more gegenpressing (with similar formation so I don't have to swap players around). Don't know if that confuses the ME or what.
  6. I'm with you, bro. Struggling post-transfer window first season in 22nd place. Bought a whole new midfield in january and giving it another try with 4-4-2. Lord help us..
  7. Yeah, true. Bought a generic 24 inch monitor from the same place for around 120 euro. Working great. I could have used my old monitor, but it didn't support 1080 HD.
  8. I just bought a Lenovo IdeaCentre T540-15ICB / i5-9400F / 8GB / 512GB M.2 / GTX 1660 / Win 10. It's fantastic when playing FM20. Quick and smooth. Recommended! Price around 800 euro. Link to swedish specs and webshop: https://www.netonnet.se/art/dator-surfplatta/stationara-datorer/desktop/lenovo-ideacentre-t540-15icb-90l10045mw/1009212.8943/
  9. I have seen that. It sometimes makes all the difference which side you put them. You can see that when watching a game, they can come in awkward all the times, or running at each others heels. But, how did you know now, just looking att his tactics? (I guess the answer lies within your name..)
  10. I have experienced exactly the same problem. Right now with Roma, Dzeko is missing A LOT of 1 on 1's. I don't even get excited when he is free with the keeper. But I have had other saves, where my striker puts it behind the net about as often as it would be IRL. And with another save, my striker scored more than I would have predicted him to. I do not know what is wrong with Dzeko, or what magic had struck that other striker. But as you say, it's kind of ruining the fun. (Like the penalties..)
  11. I think it's the ME's a bit clumsy way of saying that something within the scope of your tactic, your players and their current form/morale, the opposition etc, is sub-optimal. The ME calculates statistical scenarios based on all the numbers available in the game. Then it puts all that in a form so that the outcome will look plausible at a whole. The scoreline will over time be like 2-1 and 0-1 rather than 13-0 or 6-8. So, even if your tactic and your players get a lot of 1 on 1's in detail, the scoreline will still tend to look normal. The more detail you look at, the more it will look lika a computer game, and not real life football. We can't have it all real looking until we get real AI power working. Maybe cloud based in a couple of years?
  12. Maybe you are doing just fine? Stoke are 21:st right now, 1 pt clear of relegation.
  13. I always struggle with strikers who seldom scores. Often my inside forward, IW or even one of the central midfielders score more or at least the same amount. Sometimes I think we all got different games..
  14. I would like to start a save, managing a new team and play according to a Bielsa ball 3-3-1-3 tactic. Like in this guide: https://dictatethegame.com/2019/11/08/young-devils-recreating-bielsas-3-3-1-3-tactic-in-fm20/ I don't want to manage Leeds utd, but rather a team with players well suited for the special roles in the above mentioned tactic. Like inverted wing backs, anchormen, segundo volantes and enganche. So, not your ordinary 4-4-2 kind of players. Hit me!
  15. I sometimes change to a much more intense tactic with high pressing and all that at times (5-15 minutes at a time) during the game. That can change the tempo of the game and make the other team make changes and sometimes that gives me the opportunity to score in tight games. Maybe i choose to start second half with that, then I go back to my less intense default tactic.
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