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  1. The board should have a more realistic funding based off competition success rather than finances, especially for big clubs. Lets say ive won the league 3 times with no clear competition, i shouldnt still be getting 100-200m a year unless I have a sugar daddy, even if I have great finances because I clearly dont need improvements and the board know that, but if im supposed to be a title challenger and just finished outside top 4 then the board should start investing more over a period of 3 years to allow for a realistic rebuild while big teams are also able to be caught up as their spending slows down (like man city are starting to do irl and what arsenal have done this season with major investments)
  2. never knew this, thanks
  3. A new tournament game mode from the start screen to provide one off short campaigns, this could be implemented similar to FIFA's Champions League game mode and PES's tournament game mode where you are able to select which competition to play, with no other fixtures occurring but that tournament with games been 2-3 days apart such as in the fantasy league, you could also include the injury and suspension rules of fantasy leagues (injuries lasting for 1 or 2 games etc) You would select the option from the start screen, pick which competition you want to play in - Champions league, Europa League, World Cup, Euro's etc, then you would select your team, this could also allow for custom databases to be made, such as the 2018 World Cup with the real groups etc, or new tournaments like a massive 225 world cups to be made. I think this would be useful for players who want a break from standard FM and those who want to enjoy an international tournament without having to simulate 2 or 4 years in game, ive created a mod which allowed for the euros to be hosted at the start of the game but with a fully fleshed out tournament mode this wouldnt be necessary and would be available for everybody This would probably be quite an easy thing to implement and although not being major would give FM20 something new which hasnt been seen in FM before
  4. Wanting to play a save as a current manager not a fictional one so wondering if its possible to replicate their profile using the database editor such as clubs played for and managed and profile picture
  5. When I add a preview image all seems fine, it shows up - once i exit and launch the editor again the image is still their yet when I press upload the image goes and is replaced by the default one in the editor and on the workshop. tried both png and jpeg and neither work even though my previous database preview image worked fine when uploading to the workshop.
  6. So in the editor, I have 32 teams, 8 groups and 16 to qualify - in the editor when I press test rules its all valid and fine yet in game whenever I load the database it says "error should be at least one team qualifying" no matter what I do I get this error and I dont know why. This is what the data in the editor looks like: http://prntscr.com/mlvp5h Error I get in game: http://prntscr.com/mlvpbf
  7. figured it out, thanks. the editor seemed to of changed the location of saved data from documents > sports interactive > fm19 to local > sports interative > fm19
  8. what would you recommend i do then? since those files are in the same folder as the two files what show up in game
  9. picture of files: http://prntscr.com/mksm3m yet the only two to show up in game are worldcup48t what shows up in game: http://prntscr.com/mksmpi
  10. why would they? the game has a set start date. fifa does this where at the start of the season the winter transfers will of happened which makes no sense.
  11. To be more clear, the first time i edit something and press export and save data as it shows up in game, but then no matter what I do after that (even reinstalled editor) no edits which I save show up in game, it means unless i do everything perfect the first ever time (which no one does) it doesnt show up in game and once ive made 1 database I cant make another. export menu in editor: http://prntscr.com/mkotx2 saved data in editor: http://prntscr.com/mkou3q actual databases in game: http://prntscr.com/mkoulo
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