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  1. The second picture you posted clarify all, the player is considering to leave the club, the reasons could be: - some bad results or a bad trend - the minutes he spent in the field or the status in the team (backup is not so good for a keeper like Alisson) - the strong interest of some top team ready to offer him a better condition contract It happens the same to me with the goalkeeper Unai Simon, the Mancester United was interested to buy him and he didn't want to negotiate a new contract, so I had to wait the end of the season and finally he decided to extend the contract (considering it as fundamental in the team)... It's different for you because the contract of Alisson is practically expired and he want to leave the club, so I suggest to sell it... Next time I suggest to extend a player contract one year before its expiring time (2025 in your case).
  2. Thanks for your answer even if it's not what I ask, after some attempts I found that to increase the maximum wage I have to increase further the salary fund, in this way also the maximum wage increased according to the financial fairplay rules I think. Cheers and support from Italy
  3. Hi, it's the first time that I play FM, sorry if the problem is already known. I started a career with Athletic Club and I'd like to know if there is a way to raise up the maximum wage of the club, that is currently 8.75 milion of euros... I'd like to make sure that the stars of the team (Williams, Laporte, Cordoba, Muniain, Oyarzabal) didn't leave the club... for example the wage of Williams is currently 8.15 milion and it could be impossible to offer him a contract renewal. Thanks for your precious help
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