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  1. Thanks man I love this and appreciate it. Can't wait for the league to start. Aren't the two halves uneven in terms of games played though?
  2. Hi Hugo, Unfortunately the editor file I used is on my desktop and I won't have access to it for about a week. I do however have a previous version of the editor file I used for the save on my laptop and have uploaded it under "principio5". If I recall correctly this editor file is almost identical as the one I used for the long term save and it worked fine up until teams became professional as teams wouldn't be able to register any player making more than $0 due to an error I made on max salary. Anyways, if you need the latest version I can provide it next Sunday hopefully. And yes, usually what I do is I edit an extinct nation and place them in Europe and take out a lower European nation from Europe, in this case Gibraltar. So yeah I may have messed up there but thank you for the help. I made a lot more changes but it was just creating competitions, clubs, stadiums, etc for the "new" nation and adding nation rules. I don't think I made any other significant changes but I may be wrong. Thank you again for the help, and if you have any more questions let me know.
  3. Hi guys, I've been playing on a heavily customized database (both in game and pre-editor), created a new country with 12 leagues and 50 teams or so + B teams and have been trying to develop the country in terms of football. I've done saves like these in past years of FM and usually if there are crashes on specific dates I've been able find out what was causing the error. However, I am currently stuck and was wondering if anyone could help me. The save has been going fine up until now and I've been able to reach 2039 however, when i reach the 14th of Sept 6:00 and i press continue, it immediately crashes and creates a dump file. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, I do have custom logos on my desktop, but I tried it on my laptop which has no custom graphic files but it still does not work. I've attached the dump file and uploaded my save game under "lesgo" FM 2019 v19.2.3.1187971 (2019.02.09 18.37.55).dmp
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