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  1. I have a takeover save with Norwich also but the new board signed players for me and I couldn’t do anything transfer related while they were running it
  2. Will it work for a team in the premier league already like a top 4 team ?
  3. The throw ins are so good. The corners are not so good tho
  4. This tactic still working fine. Trying to play 442 with my new team
  5. Trying to play fast attacking football because I have fast players. Is there a better way you’ll set It up if you’re trying to play fast attacking football ?
  6. So remove play out from the back and also drop my line of defense and engagement to standard right ?
  7. Thanks I’ll love to hear your tweaks and usually they don’t start together. It’s just a one time thing
  8. im trying to set up my first tactics on fm 20. i have very fast wingers and trying to build from the back with fast offensive movement here is my current tactic i need help in making it better im not really good in making my own tactis. thaanks ill love your feedback
  9. I’m using your tactics with some modifications. Dropped LOE and DL to standard I was getting destroyed with over the top ball. Man utd has 6 CC against me. Tactics is not familiar with the team yet so I guess they’ll get better over time
  10. Exactly it’s possible it works out as a deeplying playmaker. Wenger played Cazorla and coquelin behind Ozil and cazorla is more like a 10 but plays as a deeplying player in the “6” role.
  11. This is actually good but I think it’s better on attacking. Do you use PIs ?
  12. Do you think aubameyang will function well as a false nine or will be better as a RMD on the left wing
  13. Thanks for the idea . I’ll work on it and let you know if it works out . Your 442 was really good tho
  14. NIce tactic . Do you think it can work as a 4123? How will you set the players role ?
  15. The 4123 really worked wonders for my arsenal even with so many acadmey graduates in my first 11 . Good one thanks for the tactics
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