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  1. Hello and thank you for the reply ! I think my hard drive has no problem, my mac is fairly new. In addition I do not have the problem of the loss of data each time. This is not a recurring problem. And I have never lost other files. I only encounter this problem with Football Manager. Ah, but your message makes me think of something. I received an email from apple saying that my mac was affected by a series of macs or 128 GB and 256 GB SSDs used in 13-inch MacBook Pro had a problem that could lead to data loss and drive failure . I have not changed it yet. So you think that's why my data is deleted ?? Thank you in advance !
  2. Good morning. I come to you because I have a big problem. I am a recent Steam user (noel), I downloaded Football manager. I wanted to play tonight, it was a little while that I had not touched FM (2 weeks). I arrive at the menu and there is marked "no party to load". While when I launch steam I have marked that I have 2 success, 10H games .. This is the 2nd time that it does that to me. The very first time, I had this after my first use. I had started a career with Rennes, the next day I come back nothing. I had started again but there I do not understand .. I will not start again each time, I am disappointed .. The data literally flew away. When I want to load my game, it tells me that there is no data to load. And when I go to the folder where the game is stored on my mac, there is nothing. Note that I do not save anything on the cloud, all directly on the mac. Can someone explain to me where the problem comes from so that it does not happen anymore? Indeed, I do not want to invest myself so that everything leaves in smoke. I am thinking of asking for the refund. I love the game but I can not play it sustainably. I contacted SEGA support who guided me on this forum. Because he did not have the solution. Thank you in advance. Baptiste.
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