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  1. @Experienced Defender Luckily my best left winger is a 19 year old 4*. So I should be able to find success without a fullback. Also I will have Vardy joining me in the winter break. (1.5 months) For my tactics, I made your adjustments. I went with the central CB being the BPD and bringing the ball out to keep the offensive shape solid with 3 at the back always.
  2. Ok, I have swapped to a 4-1-4-1, reset the offensive instructions to standard width and basic instructions besides overlapping the wide areas while swapping my transition to Flanks. Still defending wide and sitting back. Doing quite well with possession from what I've watched, they haven't gotten any real chances so far. How do I maximize my chances of winning from here? Is it just staying the course and hoping I can catch them on the counter?
  3. Hey Guys, I'm currently playing Leeds and managed to get them promoted to the Prem for 2020/2021. Obviously I have been struggling a bit with the adjustment, and particularly have been trying to improve my defensive tactics as much as possible. So I want to post this screenshot from my game vs Arsenal since I have a few questions. This is 1 minute in, I had possession quickly but lost it on a longball attempt to my forward. From the screenshot and my pre-game analysis, I know that their two FB's (Chilwell and Bellerin) played wide and pushed up in possession generally, favoring the left wing too. Here I can tell that I should exploit the wide spaces on the counter-attacks, but this is where my lack of experience/knowledge comes in. How do I change my current tactics (A 3-5-1-1) to take advantage of this on the counters? Also from here how would I adjust to Arsenal's own adjustments later? I hope the questions aren't too broad.
  4. Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the FM series, only have 20 hours so far but I'm loving it. Currently I'm just enjoying playing as a Romanian club thats mid-table/relegation. I know that my best players are my CBs, winger, st and my DLP who i tend to play as a regista which he is accomplished at. My question is, what tactic and formation would suite this kind of squad? Im trying to better understand how to process my teams strengths and to what styles would then suit that. Thanks for the help!
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