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  1. Hello. Having this situation when Molde's player has been transferred to Salzburg. Transfer will be processed January 1, 2019. System obviously counting goals scored for Molde so Molde will need to pay to Molde 2.4 millions Maybe you will like to fix it in next updates. Kind Regards, Ed
  2. Hello. I uploaded save game file, name is ududu.fm I also tried last save overwrite backup but no luck. New Game i tested little bit, it works, but i do not like to play again one season and this to happen again. Thank you!
  3. Hello. Game constantly crash at May 19. 2019 for me. I had some custom files, but i deleted it and run game without it but still keep crashing. I followed instructions from this forum and from fm scount about deleting cache or delete preference files but nothing helps me unfortunately. I attached screenshot and crash file. Any help, please? Thank you! FM 2019 v19.2.3.1187971 (2019.02.05 00.53.35).dmp
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