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  1. Hi knap, could something like this potentially work? I don't mean the roles or mentality, but the 1 midfielder with 4 attackers and three at the back? Is it something you've done in the past or would be willing to try out?
  2. Hi knap, I know you've said not to worry about changing roles to suit players, but to do vice versa by training/selecting players to suit the role, but is their a way in which any of the 41212's could have WBs and IWs For instance, if the Venom's could have the IWBs not change to WBs and Wingers turned into IWs with overlap turned on? Or in the Goodbye if the WM were turned into IW? Thanks
  3. Hi knap, how much significance does 'pass in to space' and 'run at defence' have in your tactics - with barcelona, i want to increase my average possession to above 55% and removing these two instructions while also changing the passing to 'much shorter' can help achieve that, but i don't want to hinder the overall tactic? Thanks for all your hard work
  4. hoping to use the new kashmir with an elite team. It's great going forward, not so much defensively. I suppose you can't have your cake and want to ear it too but what tactic is best for clean sheets and away games that would pair nicely? For an elite team that is. Aside from preachin blues.
  5. Hi Knap, what's the best tactic for keeping clean sheets for an elite team? I don"t mean an SUS tactic but one which is defensively from the first minute - even if this compensates for the goals scored going forward.
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