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  1. Screenshots of league table finish? I reckon this could work well in the long run, AMC provides more stability ...
  2. hoping to use the new kashmir with an elite team. It's great going forward, not so much defensively. I suppose you can't have your cake and want to ear it too but what tactic is best for clean sheets and away games that would pair nicely? For an elite team that is. Aside from preachin blues.
  3. Hi Knap, what's the best tactic for keeping clean sheets for an elite team? I don"t mean an SUS tactic but one which is defensively from the first minute - even if this compensates for the goals scored going forward.
  4. The wing back are marking the LD and RD respectively. Is this deliberate? I though this might draw them out the game...
  5. @inosolan is this on touch? and did you change the mentality in away games or make any changes?
  6. @malte722 @knap @RDF Tactics What tactic is this? Looks solid both ways.
  7. Any update on Kashmir? I know @knap you tweaked it and Robert tested but it's still not having the full effect for me ...
  8. @knap Did you make any tweaks to this Knap? Or just retest it as normal? I'm thinking it might work better as 'Attacking' on FMT with IR.
  9. In the 20.4.0 TeaforOne tactic, only one of the wingbacks is on Sit Narrower. Is this a mistake or should it be this way?
  10. Hi guys, I'm having trouble with the 433 Kashmir. I didn't thinking twice in going for it with Barca for my first season, having seen the results that people had using it with elite teams. While it won me the league, the goal difference was considerable less than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but I've seen it concede less than 20 goals and score more than 150, with trams like Liverpool, Utd, Bayern etc. I also didn't get past the quarter finals of the champions league and copa del rey respectively. Considering that this Barca team suit the formation as well. Often I would switch to attacking against big teams and in away games. I left OI to my assisstant as recommended. Is their anything I am missing from my management or indeed doing things wrong? I want to conquer the game in style not just beat Madrid to the league. If someone could test it out with Barca themselves as well to compare that would be awesome Cheers
  11. Hi Knap, is their anyway your Blue Matter 4213/2213 tactic from FM18 can be replicated in FM20? I'd like to play with three strikers but with a number 10 behind them. Not many wide players coming through as newgens in my save. Thanks in advance For convenience:
  12. Hi Knap, is there any way in which a no fullback/wingback system could work? In other words, 3 centre backs with wingers on either side ahead of them. Is this something you have or could consider looking into? I should mention I am Liverpool snd 10 years into the game so I'm fairly confident my players could adapt to the system but it's rhe tactic as a concept in itself, especially from a defensive point of view. Very rarely are good fullbacks produced as regens so i'm trying to avoid using them .... Thanks in advance
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