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  1. Does the right striker tend to score more goals than the left striker because their is (deeper) delivery from the left IWB, where as the left striker doesn't receive as much delivery because the right IWB is on attack.- as well as the fact that the BBM on the left side may conflict with the left striker's positioning and movement? That would be my guess; I was wondering if would be worth changing the right IWB's mentality to support, so that their a balance? It may also provide more defensive stability, although I know it would affect the fluidity. Might be.worth trialling it at least. P.S. when can we expect to see the results of your 4141 being shared?
  2. I have 18 scouts which cover around a hundred different countries - essentially half the world. My focus is now on the other half of the globe, and I'm sure their is a quick way of going abou it by setting the assignments carefully in terms of how many countries they visit in a given time frame ....
  3. I'm trying to get my scouting knowledge to 100% or as high as possible. Currently on 45%; I'm able to send my scouts to any of the ~200 or so countries in the world, and and I have 18 scouts of various knowledge, and high judgement and adaptability. However, as far as scouting assignments are concerned, I was wondering what would be the most efficient method for my scouts to increase knowledge of other countries. My plan was to send them to several countries at a time, based on the adaptability and regen dates, and then end the assignment once the regen date for the country expires and the scout has at least a little bit of knowledge. I would repeat this every season, gradually building up. Alternatively, I was thinking of sending them to around 10 countries and leaving the assignment running throughout the whole season, so they roam from one place to another continuously. I'm not sure which would work better, if indeed either is a reliable way, but was hoping someone could help me out. I have some of the best scouts in the world, sonthat box is ticked, but I want to take the right approach. Cheers
  4. what was your thinking behind reverting back to ball playing defenders i.e is their a huge difference between playing that or the standard central defender? Or could even one of each work? Just curious
  5. i've noticed this tactic has worked incredibly well with mid/lower table, underdog teams; would it work will higher teams - those that are expected to win the league lets say?
  6. I was thinking 3-4-1-2 but playing the the two false nines as poachers. Would their be a 19.3.2 version of this soon or? And also, would changing the BPD's roles from cover to defend have an effect?
  7. Hi Knap, for 19.3.2 I'm considering using the 3-4-3 Poachers in Home games and 3-4-3 Wingers in Away games. Is their a third formation I could us while still maintaining three at the back to essentially SUS? I know I could bring the mentality down but I was after a particular formation to use against big teams and so that I would have 3 tactics altogether. Cheers
  8. Hi Knap, appreciate all the work you put into these tactics. Just wanted to ask when your 343 tactics for 19.3 would be shared - and if in the meantime, it's okay to 'tinker' with some of the roles such as changing the WBs (Au) to CWB (S) and G (D) / SK (S) to SK (A). Does the central striker also have to be a poacher or would any other roles work such as TM or PF? Cheers :)
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