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  1. your front 4 are all on attack duty. This means not only they are positioned so far upfront but also that they will almost never be involved in the defending when you dont have the ball. I would suggest having 2 of them on support and 2 of them on attack
  2. Vali184, I don't want to argue and I totally agree about what you said. But I think you misunderstood him. He never said he plays or intends to play his players in their best role according to the game. He was just asking how can he stop the assistant manager changing the individual training without having to set the general training himself .
  3. There is a way ! Go to Staff > responsibilities . Overall tab scroll down to find training. Plan general training = assist manager. Setup individual training = head coach . hope I was helpful
  4. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I was trying to figure out if its because of the tactic and what exactly is wrong/buggy with it, but I guess I won't find out unless I change it
  5. TL;DR. Promoted a team from 2nd to 1st divison in my first year and in my second year im 2nd-3rd on the table 28 matches into the season. Is my tactic bugged or what is going on ? I can provide any screenshots of my game that you fm experts need. Hello ! I'm a fan of football manager since the days Ronaldinho was in PSG. Have more than fair share of played time in the game. I'm not a specialist but I don't consider myself a noob or a rookie too. A few days ago I started a save with FC Sochaux Montbeliard (France Domino League 2) . First time I start in 2nd division. I chose FCSM because they have really fast striker and wingers. Using this tactic with some minor tweaks match to match like defend wider or removing/adding get stuck and work ball in the box. Its definately a good tactic and props to Nik FM for making a video about it. First season in Domino League 2 I finished first and earned a promotion. Broke records for most wins and most points in a season. I figured it was because of my manager character having higher attributes in coaching than the other managers and I'm using a good tactic. In my 2nd season though I currently reside at 3rd place(19 - 4 - 5), second in goals scored and goals conceded only to PSG, 1 point below OL and my next match is against them. At this point I'm sure I have broken the game or exploiting something in the AI of the game because I played the match with OL twice (first time i restart a match on this save) finishing 3-1 and 4-0 in my favour. And OL are on 6 win streak and are a very strong side (PSG lost to them for first time this season in this 6 win streak). Can anyone tell me is this an exploit or why I am achieving such unbelievable results, please ? Never had such problem before, although I'm playing with FC Internazionale 90% of the time. The game has never been this unrealistic (till now I always thought the game is rather realistic). I can provide any screenshots of my game you need. Thank you in advance ! edit : added TL;DR on top.
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