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  1. The problem with long rangers isn't that it players shouldn't be able to score them, but the fact that a player with 9 Long Shots will often pull off 25 yard screamers every other match. When do you ever see that happening? Never. The problem with the defenders getting far too many passes isn't that they aren't meant to, but that they ignore better passing options in front of them and always choose to play it either to the wing or back to the keeper. There is zero progression through the centre of the pitch. Defenders like Pique who have great technical and mental stats ignore a simple line breaking pass that would set a midfielder free and instead opt for either a back pass to the keeper, while letting the opposition pressure him, or hoof the ball out wide to a wingback who is already under considerable pressure and will nearly always return the ball back to the central defender since he has no space to turn. This is why the passing stats for defenders are bloated beyond measure. Defenders at the top level, especially those good on the ball should be able to punish the opposition for mistakes they make while pressing, but this just never happens. Coming to the topic of striker involvement, the number of passes a striker makes in a game should depend a lot upon his role and traits. They are a non-factor this year. The F9 or DLF(Su) rarely drops into midfield to offer passing options. Since I play Messi as F9 who has world class stats all around and has the 'Comes Deep To Get Ball' Trait, I do expect him to drop beyond the second line and get himself involved. Instead the only passes he makes are passes back to the wingback after he has trotted up to the touchline to receive a throw-in, despite my set piece instructions telling him to lurk outside the box and not come short. Against a low block, most strikers are pretty much invisible since that stay between the opponent's defense and midfield line, which means that there is absolutely no chance of a midfielder finding him through a pass between the lines, which itself is absent in the ME this year.
  2. The root of the problem IMO is the tendency of midfielders to play long balls out wide and fullbacks nearly always leaving the winger unmarked. The winger is always going to dribble in a situation where he is in a 1v1 against the fullback. The problem is that to solve one particular issue, you have to look at a host of different issues like striker involvement, passing between the lines and obviously player positioning while defending.
  3. According to me, the AI does not understand what a safe pass means. The riskiest thing to do in football is to pass the ball around in your own defensive third while you are being pressed aggressively by the opposition. This is why you see defensive teams IRL hoof the ball away when under pressure. There are a handful of teams in the world who can play out from the back while being pressed, since only they have the players with the requisite technical and mental attributes to do so.
  4. Is it just me, or is there a major lack of central play? My midfielders often opt for swinging the ball out wide to my full backs instead of making short line breaking passes. Every match, I end up with my full backs making more passes than my playmakers which gets rather frustrating.
  5. I am looking to recreate Pep's Barca using the very specific set of rules that make up positional play. Is it possible? What are the TIs and PIs will I need? What about the player roles and their traits? Please help me out.
  6. I have been trying to replicate the Dani Alves role using Jordi Alba. While I am using him as a CWB(S), I feel that he doesn't move inside as much as I want him to. Should I opt for an IWB(A) to get him to cut inside more often? (Alba has PPM Runs with Ball down the left) Also, is it possible to move him into midfield and use him as a wide midfielder(S) while having my RB as WB(D)? Will it keep my defensive structure intact? What PIs should I additionally use? Note: I am using a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide.
  7. This is the structure I am trying to achieve in my 4-1-2-3 DM Wide? Is it possible? I basically want my DM to drop between the two CBs and push my fullbacks wide. Finally, the MCR drops deeper to offer a passing option while dragging the opponent CM out of position to generate space.
  8. I am referring to the False 9 dropping deep and forming a diamond in midfield with the other three midfielders in the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. I am looking particularly at who makes the runs off the ball. Is the IF(A) aggressive enough? I am thinking about using Suarez who tries to beat the offside trap. Yes, I am going to use a 4141 DM Wide.
  9. I am a newbie to FM (only started playing a few weeks ago). I want to use Messi in the False 9 role as Guardiola did. What should I consider before setting up my tactic? Also, is it possible to form a diamond in the centre by using the False 9 or will I have to drop Messi into the AM strata?
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