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  1. FC Barcelona. Let's see. The club is in turmoil and several legends are nearing the end of their career. No money to sign big names and many players have big contracts which they do not deserve. However, there is also a young exciting group of players who can form the core of the team for almost a decade. Looks like it is time to shave my head and put on a suit. Bald Fraud 2 : Electric Boogaloo about to hit theatres on November 9 2021.
  2. I hope player ratings are a bit more standardized in FM22. It is a bit irritating to see Griezmann with a work rate of only 14 and rather low attributes in mentals for a player of his stature. And he is sadly not the only example where the ratings seem very off from real life.
  3. Transfer negotiations, especially with big clubs feel too easy honestly. It is one of things which makes FM rather easy after 1-2 transfer windows. Big clubs in the game are very happy to let go of their best players for sums which they would never accept in real life. On the other hand, contract negotiations are a huge pain. Players ask for massive wages after 1-2 good seasons, even if they're very young. Irl, even really good players aren't THIS money-minded, barring a few exceptions. Players should be more willing to earn smaller wages, as long as they're winning trophies, or the team is doing well in general. Why would a player want to leave a multiple treble winning team for one which hasn't won the CL in the last 5 seasons,even if that team is offering slightly higher wages?
  4. Possibly the craziest title race I have been in. Neither us nor Madrid dropping any points, though Madrid still have to play us away. Interestingly, the only Madrid loss was to me.
  5. Is it just me, or are La Liga and BuLi players rated very harshly, while EPL players are rated very leniently?
  6. I'd say that no .15 should be sticking closer to Trincao irrespective of whether or not he has been given specific instructions to man mark him. If he doesn't stick close to him, once Trincao receives the ball, he can easily turn and run at him. In real life, fullback will always try to make sure that the winger is not able to turn at run at them, by pressuring him and sticking closer. This isn't going to happen here, because no.15 is too far off to intervene in time in case Trincao gets the ball. I expect this to happen. The main aim of having possession is to disorient the opposition's shape. I don't have a problem with my players disorienting the opposition's shape and sucking them in. It's just that it is too easy to do so. Here, the opposition is already in trouble even before my players have entered the middle third. This is a level of efficiency that would put Pep's Barca, who wrote the book on positional play, to shame. Levante play in the La Liga. I don't think players at the top level should be so undisciplined no matter how bad the situation is.
  7. This picture encapsulates what is wrong with defending out wide. Look at the insane amount of space Trincao has. When De Jong makes the obvious pass to him, he will have enough space and time to turn and run at their backline. Which is exactly what happens later. The Levante No.15 is not sticking as close to him as he should be and sticks to his position too much. Another issue here is the positioning of the Levante No. 6 and No. 3. What are they doing here? No.6 should be cutting off the passing lane to Trincao however, he just stands idly. No.3 has a similar issue. Which passing lane is he cutting off right now? None. He should be shifting to the left side to ensure they don't get overloaded there, since if De Jong turns and makes the pass to Pedri or sends the ball long to Fati, the Levante No.18 is a dead man. He will be caught in a 2 v 1 against qualitatively superior players. Also, he should be sticking closer to Fati. Just look at the amount of space Fati and Pedri have on the flanks. There is a reason teams playing possession football try to have players on the flanks who are fast and can take on their man. It is to stretch the opposition to create positional superiorities between the lines for your central players to cause havoc in. This doesn't happen often in FM. The AI doesn't react well to players staying high and wide. This makes it extremely easy to advance the ball down the flanks but almost impossible to progress the ball up the pitch.
  8. It depends a lot on the players. I've seen United play a midfield two of Pogba and Fernandes, a combination which would see them run over by almost every team in the PL, and reach the CL Final. The problem is that defensive ability becomes practically irrelevant for midfielders if they have high work rate and high physical stats. This is one of the inherent weaknesses of the 4-2-3-1. Once your first line of press is bypassed you become extremely vulnerable. This doesn't happen in FM as players somehow magically recover from bad positioning in a manner they never could irl.
  9. I hope in the FM22, there are improvements to wide defending. Right now, there is just way too much space out wide for AML/AMR. They are almost always allowed to turn and run at the defence which is something that every defence logically would try to prevent. DL/DR players need to break off the defensive line a lot more in order to close space down and stick closer to the wide attacker. Also, maybe make players with the "Likes To Switch Ball To Wide Areas" trait a little less likely to do it? While it certainly is useful in certain scenarios, it can get really irritating when the only pass your F9 will play is the ball over the top to the IW(At) and often spoil a good buildup. In general, midfielders also play 50-60 yard hollywood passes out wide with a little too much accuracy (by high accuracy, I mean making one touch 60 yard passes which land right at the feet of the winger) , especially if the opposition is defending narrow and deep. In real life, great playmakers will often hold onto the ball for an extra moment and look for a central line-breaking pass rather than moving it out wide since the chances of pulling off that hollywood pass is very low. Something else I noticed is that defenders don't react properly to players cutting inside. Normally, you'd have them close down the passing lanes and try to get the ball off the dribbler, however, in the game they are almost stationary and stand off too much. In real life, when you have world class players running at defences, they will suck defenders in, and open up space for other players. Just look at Messi or any other world class dribbling. They'll suck 3-4 players before releasing the ball to an open teammate. This doesn't happen a lot in FM, no matter how good your attackers are. Regarding the finishing, I think there are too many blocked shots. It feels like my opposition, which I am completely overrunning everywhere else on the pitch, suddenly transforms into a 90s Serie A defence and blocks almost every shot inside the box. I've had players find the goalkeeper from a rebound they could have honestly scored from, and strikers smashing the ball into a teammate in abnormal fashion. Finally, maybe decrease the number of tackles going around? There are just way too many of those. I think this might be because players who are caught in a bad position, often due to a lack of defensive ability can recover too quickly and make a tackle. In real life, bad positioning is very hard to recover from and is the worst thing that can happen to a defender. Take Pogba for example, he has excellent physical attributes but is often a defensive liability due to his poor positioning. Players of a more cerebral kind in the game like Eric Garcia or Sergio Busquets, often feel useless as compared to physical players who lack the mental attributes. Physicality makes up for deficits in mental attributes too quickly while it is more likely the other way round. Simply put, there are a lot of great players out there who are not physically imposing, but you'll never find a great player who is not a great reader of the game.
  10. While I am pretty sure SI don't have a deal with United, EPL players are rather overrated. While their physical stats are in line with what I'd expect, their technical and mental attributes are way overrated, especially when you compare them to players of similar calibre in other leagues.
  11. I hope that nutmeg passes and shots are added to FM22. I am getting tired of my players constantly smashing the ball into an opposition defender inside the box.
  12. I do agree that the ME is pretty good in a lot of areas. I've had players practically walk the ball into the goal and some brilliant plays in the centre of the park. Compared to FM20, the gap between world class technical players and average players is actually visible with great playmakers regularly passing their way out of a tight spot. Central play in general is far better than before. However, decision making in the final third could do with some improvements. My only major issues are with the defending in wide regions and mental attributes being a side note if you play a high pressing system since the high press seems to mask defensive shortcomings too easily. IRL, players with poor positioning would be a huge burden if placed in a high pressing system. In wide regions, DL/DR need to be far more aggressive in closing down. Right now, wide players have too much time to turn and run, which is the exact thing you don't want. It needs to be a bit more like defending in central regions where players regularly break from the formation to close someone down or cut off a passing lane.
  13. Playing such an ultra aggressive setup needs to be punished more. There is no way any decent manager would ever go for such an unbalanced lineup in real life.
  14. It would be great if fullbacks moved ahead of the defensive line and tried to force the winger to keep his back to the goal instead of turning and running at the defense. Also, maybe defenders should react better to the situation. Right now, it feels like even world class defenders are too slow to react to events and often give too much space to elite attackers which they normally wouldn't in real life. Third, please make it a little easier to crack open parked busses. It is so frustrating when you work a perfect overload, the switch of play happens beautifully and then your world class inside forward throws away the chance with some very questionable decision making. In general, while my players do fairly well up until the final third, moving the ball around etc., in the final third they seem to forget the basics.
  15. I am going to commit heresy by trying to convert Frenkie De Jong to a left back. Wish me luck.
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