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  1. Defender decision making and pressing definitely took a bat to the knee in the full release. I am seeing a lot more of the FM20 defending, with players getting caught out uncharacteristically, perfect long balls over the top, my wingers running down a free highway down the flanks. The beta ME, while not perfect, was certainly much better than the current one. Scoring goals was a lot of fun and it actually felt like the result of your TIs, PIs and player attributes coming together and functioning like a cohesive unit. In the full release that does not seem to be the case.
  2. Close range finishing is really bad for me. Even players with high finishing attributes like Messi love to smash the ball into the defender instead of picking out an open spot in the net. While Goalkeepers are no longer as OP in FM20, defenders seem to turn into prime Baresi whenever my striker takes a shot. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. For Guardiola, possession was definitely not just a defensive tool. It was their most important offensive tool. Pep hated mindless passing, and did not like keeping possession for possession's sake. In fact he hated the word 'tiki-taka', which to him was all about mindless passing which you see teams like United often resort to. His Barca very rarely resorted to mindless passing, instead every pass had a purpose. He used possession to drag the opposition around to generate positional and numerical superiorities all over the pitch. When the opposition's shape was sufficiently disorganized
  4. Barcelona and Spain usually did not play this way though. For them possession was both an offensive as well as defensive tool. A lot of goals that those two teams scored came after long passing sequences rather than a quick counterattack.
  5. The frequency of long balls and their accuracy seems to be a little too high. Players still opt for them quite frequently even though there are better options. It is much better than last year, when the only forward pass your midfielders played was the long ball into the winger. Second, I'd like to see fullbacks mark the wide players a little tighter. The marking in central regions is pretty good, but it nearly always unravels when your opponent pings a perfect 60 yard cross field pass to a fast pacy winger who is nearly unmarked. Fullbacks should contest these long balls more aggressive
  6. The issue is that my RB isn't even trying to mark the opponent LW. Both the fullbacks are in the same line as the CBs due to which there is far too much space here.
  7. While the ME is far better than FM20's, it still has some issues. For the love of all that is good in this world, SI, please fix this.
  8. Something that I have seen is that extremely urgent pressing rarely works as it is supposed to. Players overcommit with this setting. I've found far more joy with a balanced high press.
  9. Could the next livestream have you guys managing a top team like Bayern? Really want to see how more technically proficient players do in this ME.
  10. Youtube Link for those who want to decrease the speed to 0.5x to get a better idea of what is happening.
  11. I am not expecting much, just a completely overhauled tactical system, a dozen more attributes, and better regen faces.
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