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  1. Same problem. No Fee for De Jong from Barcelona.
  2. It's good, but it could be better. Maybe with 19.2.3 or 19.3. Why is this a problem to crossplay with PC? If a Tablet can do why not the Switch?
  3. Same money? PC Version costs 29,99€ (way cheaper if you buy a key) - Switch Version 34,99€ with less features and buggy like hell. Shame on you SI!
  4. How can it be that others do not have the problem with the updates. Whether Fifa or Minecraft, all get an update immediately. I'm starting to feel like a second-rate customer. Sad, really sad..
  5. Still no update for the Switch.. version 19.1.1 is way too old, while the pc version is already 19.2.3! The Support for the Switch simply doesn't exist. If there will be no Update this Month, then it will be the last time that I've bought the Switch version. I'm really disappointed..
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