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  1. Hi Guys, I found a new exploit: Currently i am playing as Ajax and I wanted to get Mathijs de Ligt back (season 3). I could pay his transfer fee (around 120 million euros). But his wages were much to high for a club as Ajax. So i asked my manager of football to negotiate a contract. He offered a 100k contrac which he normaly would never except. But after he offered the contract i clicked on renegotiate and clicked accept again, and it worked. :-) Hope it will get you the player that you always wanted. Cheers!
  2. Hi Guys, I seem to have found an exploit within the game. It really needs to get fixed because it gets they joy out of the game and the tempation is to big to not do it. The thing is that once you have bought a player you can immedialty sell him again to a different club. If your club has a high reputation you can make a lot of profit from it, this is also for players on the transferlist. To give you an example: Harry kane is put on the transferlist for 70.000.0000 i bid: 30.000.000 upfront. 30.000.000 after 50 league games (which he will never make) and 30.000.000 after 20 interland games. Tottenham exepts the offer and i sign him for a high wage fee, but remove the singing fee to max out the profit. Kane signs and after that i inmedditaly put him on the transerlist for 80.000.000. Then i get afters around 70.0000.000. Profit 40.000.000 in a couple of weeks. It's the same for players youll get from lower reputation leagues like Argentina. Once they sign for your club their value goes up times 10. I am in the fourth season with Ajax and have a bank balance of 500.000.000 and have bought the most expensive players in the world using this trick SI could you please get this fixed.
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