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  1. Hey, managing Pachuca in Mexico. I was able to win the league in my first year, but when I go to my players history, especially my main goal scorers biography, it doesnt show that they won it. I am including the player that he did play for me and his milestones. In his biography it does show he was the top scorer in the league but again, no sign of winning the league.
  2. FM19 Question, I want to start a new save where I can add leagues from Puerto Rico, Canada, Panama, Haití, Trinidad & Tobago etc, how do I go about that? Haven’t been able to find anything on google. I know FM20 just did the Canada league DLC but how do I go about the other leagues. I’m wanting to play in Mexico and want to scout in those leagues.
  3. Save got corrupted? Do you have an auto save game loaded before? If not, I think it’s gone.
  4. I would suggest FC Nuremberg, had a blast managing this club!
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