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  1. And as I said, it worked fine up until a couple of days ago but now it doesn't. You can no longer edit names of teams and players.
  2. so for example if my striker goes wide to collect the ball and gets tackled he will go and take the corner as well even if he is not on the list of takers
  3. Given that I have questioned how easy FMM is, maybe some fine tuning for players from other teams could happen to keep things a bit more competitive.
  4. “A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver."
  5. I have had this issues in completely different games with different clubs often this happens in preseason or shortly into a season.
  6. Yes they all work just the same, just the skins you need to be careful with
  7. In my opinion the worst launch of a FMT. I hope they fix it soon...
  8. The thing I'm really enjoying though are the new generic tactics (Gegen Press etc......) Really helpful for the tactically challenged like me........
  9. It's a hard question, I liked all of them, but if I had to chose one, it's FM13. Not played much FM15, FM17 and FM18 and I think the most bugged one was FM08.
  10. Hopefully it means more of those kinds of chips come out to give a cheaper option for those that don't want to shell out hundreds of pounds on a card with 8 fans, 4 wheels, tea-making facilities and 4 million gaudy LEDs
  11. I just hope that the people applying don't see it as a way to just preview features and put the work in to actually make this worthwhile. I guess it's a bit different given presumably you'll have to have already got the game, but still.
  12. I consider diving into any related activities or sports as a medal or certificate. It doesn't matter if you win lose the game, as long as you gain experience and learn from it.
  13. I know the feeling... I have been there too, and because of the issues i had encountered few years ago. I decided to build my own and applied all the things i've learned from the past.
  14. Of course yes, being a youth continue to feel the times being a young, just enjoy it.
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