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  1. Yeah but it has a solo striker, and that is why it appealed to me.
  2. Gladiator and conqueror are both excellent, as is crusher! I like all the tactics and they will behave differently (still successfully) for everyone depending on the players in your team. For example, gladiator might work better for the team I am managing but it wouldn't work as well as conqueror does for you. I am also a fan of 4-2-3-1 formations and don't really like 2 strikers, so I have a save with Gladbach using shield wall which I enjoy. However I started a save with Sampdoria and have implemented conqueror, which has been going really well. My favourite tactic of TFF's so far for fm19 has admittedly been a 4-2-3-1 called punisher from an earlier patch which was so fun using with Udinese.
  3. Why have you forsaken us @Totalfootballfan I need some new tactics to use! haha
  4. @zlatanera Yeh mate, I only just stumbled across him after 19.3 and have fallen in love. I like trying to pair him with Jorge Mere from Koln, but you gotta buy him pretty much straight away because people are clamoring to sign him.
  5. I loaned Pellegri once, and for only half a season in the Jan window, BUT good lord! He is immense, seems to be a goal machine. League stats: 12 apps | 19 gls | 6 asts Overall: 22 apps | 30 gls | 9 asts That was with Udinese in the 19/20 season. Have tried to sign him ever since then during that save, however Monaco are rich enough and successful enough to keep him happy. So I have given up and have not tried on any other saves. I will just cherish the short loan spell where he played like a god.
  6. Okay so some things I have noticed since 19.3 in terms of players and their skill/cost. Marin has a little bit less potential now, where as his team mate Dani Olmo is absolutely bonkers after the update. Spanish kid who I always considered buying from Dinamo but never did, however I am guessing due to his real life play this season, his skill has been boosted and I am fairly certain his potential is right up there. He costs a bit - Got him for like 39 mill at the start of the second season, would guess he'd be cheaper at the start of the first. I don't like the 'tries to play way out of trouble' trait, but he seems to have really good versatility along with good determination, so learning new positions or traits should be viable. He is also good at free kicks which is a bonus. Definitely a must buy in my opinion, since prying him away from the Croatian league should be doable for most clubs if you are in a bigger competition and have some cash to spare. Another Spaniard I consider a must buy, who was quite random stats wise but had loads of potential pre 19.3, is Pelayo Morilla. Good news is that he seems to now start with the same stat distribution whilst keeping the huge potential, however his determination can differ which leads me to believe that some of his 'hidden stats' can fluctuate as well. No matter though, he is definitely less random now and is always left footed, whilst being natural at AMC, AML and ML. I think his minimum fee release clause fluctuates from like 700k to 1.7mill from what I have seen. Not sure if that price depends on how high his PA has turned out. Was one of my favourite players pre 19.3 and is even more so now that he is less of an unknown quantity. Second season in one of my saves, after giving him more and more first team experience, and he is now labelled the next Pep Guardiola! Tonali seems to be as brilliant as ever, and it is just a matter of hoping he gets a good roll in terms of his potential! So definitely a must buy, however he seems to cost more! So don't expect the 3-4 million dollar bargain. It is hard to just name 2 more people as must buys! Since there are so many! However going by the ones who seem improved since 19.3 and someone who doesn't get much attention, I am going with the Brazilian defensive midfielder from OGC Nice Danilo. He has such good stat distribution across the board! Like almost to fault where he doesn't truly excel in any area at the start of the game, which is fine, because his potential seems to have been boosted. So he should develop into one of the better midfielders, specially when looking at defensive abilities combined with play making nous. Last player I am going to recommend is another South American, however this guy seems to have come out of the blue. I went on a scouting rampage in Argentina after 19.3 - There are copious amounts of amazing players there *cough* Exequiel Palacious *cough* and they can be bought for peanuts *cough* Thiago Almada *cough* Sorry bout that! My favourite might be a left footed ball playing centre back who isn't at one of the more reputable clubs known for exceptional players like Boca *cough* Cristian Pavon *cough*, you will find him plying his trade at Defensa y Justicia. His name is Lisandro Martinez and he appears to be a MUST BUY!!!! Seriously there are hardly any talented left footed ball playing centre backs in the game, and he starts with amazing stats along with the 'tries long range passes' trait. I had to look him up on youtube, and sure enough he looks pretty talented in real life. His potential seems huge and could well be one of the best backs in the game. Now you can't buy him in the first season since he only just signed, or at least I haven't been able to but I don't play with any of the massive clubs, don't fret though! I bought him at the start of the second season for 2.6 mill! Maybe he would be willing to move in the January window, I did not try. There are a lot of other great players who either improved or regressed after 19.3 however I am sticking with these 5. BUT Since I don't know how much it would cost to buy Danilo, here is a lil bonus beauty - Marcos Paulo from Fluminese in Brazil. ANOTHER non-eu player!?! Guess again he has Portuguese citizenship along with his Brazilian nationality! Rejoice!
  7. @Totalfootballfan mate the University year has just kicked off and you are making me want to play multiple saves!! Please stop!! Or at least give us a % increase to efficiency
  8. Hey TFF, These new updates are awesome mate. Conqueror has some lovely earlier balls being played by my wingers through to a marauding forward, lovely to watch - Thorgen Hazard on the right wing at Gladbach especially seems to dribble up into a bit of room and then slice a ball diagonally through giving my forward a good shot at goal.
  9. I have noticed that my games seem a lot more decisive and seasons more successful before the last iteration of changes. Not sure why.
  10. Yeah I will have to rethink how I man manage I suppose, which is fine, just wondered if it is a bit extreme for it to happen at the very start of a season! The players who are getting upset do happen to be the ones who have the Key Player status. I did mention that there is a preferred 11 who will play more games in total, so those players (includes all Key Players) would end up racking up close to 30 games in a season perhaps. So maybe if I ride out the unhappy period they might become more content?
  11. Howdy, So I have played the fm series for quite a while, I remember when it was called championship manager and was entirely text based! I have enjoyed the improvements over the years, although admittedly I have not played too much since fm 14. Now I am not sure if this is a newer feature or if I am antiquated in how I approach the game, but I always enjoyed having larger squads - I aim to have 2 players for each position ideally. My reasoning revolves mainly around the idea of managing the players' fitness and also allowing a greater amount of my youth players to get first team experience if they are up to it. I have noticed that in fm 19 players really seem to get disgruntled quickly if they are not playing enough. The most recent example has been a save that I just started with Athletic Bilbao (I always enjoy the Basque challenge). La Liga can be fairly congested fixtures wise and so my ocd when it comes to keeping players in peak physical condition really takes over - since I am a firm believer in physical status being linked to performance and injuries. So I might start a squad of 11 for a match and then start an entirely new squad of 11 for the next match like 2-3 days later and then there is another game in 2-3 days etc etc - So I really have 2 teams of 11 going at once, where some out of the other 11 will be the 7 subs for the game they have 'off' if that makes sense. So I have 2 players already getting very upset (I think another is very close) and we are approaching our 7th match of the season, these 2 players will be starting this match meaning they will have started 4 out of the 7 games so far this season. Out of the 2 sets of 11 I always have a primary team which I will use more often during the season. Since there are times when games are 7 days apart and such. So I understand that a player could not be privy to my way of running a team, and therefore might feel shunted. So sure if they wanted to talk to me about it they can, however I don't think there is a good enough response for when a player does complain since every player that I have used the generic 'long season be patient' they seem to take it as an insult and feel like I am sabotaging their career - Keep in mind we are only 6 games into the season and they have started in 3 matches, whilst being subs in others. Plus we are having great success with 4 Wins out of those 6 games. Am I simply rotating my squad too much? Therefore playing the game incorrectly? I would like to keep all my players especially at Athletic due to the Basque rule, and the rigors of a long season will only increase next year if I qualify for European football. I suppose I just wanted to see if others have a better way of going about the game, or if perhaps the game needs another option to calm players unhappy with the amount they are playing. Cheers.
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