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  1. Another question for you all. I have two Turkish players born on 01/01/2001 which is also the cut off date for the U22 rule for the season I'm in - the in-game data is December 2022 so both players are currently 21 years old. One of the players came through my academy and qualifies as an U22 for the playing XI rule, but the other player does not qualify as an U22. He was bought 4 years ago from Buraspor, but has now trained at the club for 3 years while under the age of 21 and on the eligibility tab, it has my club (Trabzonspor) under his "Trained at Club" list. Am I missing something or could
  2. That get's taken care of in the game. If you look under the rules tab you can choose to see the rules for next year and you'll notice it's already reduced to 20 teams from 2021/22 onwards.
  3. Thanks so much mate, will take a look. Really appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to to research this!
  4. Hi guys, thanks so much for this thread, so helpful. My budget is around the £500-£600 mark and I will really only use it to play FM and Minecraft. My current laptop (which just died) was the Dell XPS13 9365 and could run both games adequately, albeit far from amazing. Reading through your previous recommendations I had an eye on the DELL Inspiron 15 3000 (£500) and the ASUS VivoBook M431IA (£550) which both look like a significant improvement on the XPS. For a bit more than my budget i also saw you recommended the Medion Crawler E10 which looks incredible but might be a bit overkil
  5. Hey @kertiek, good spot. I've updated the file to now include the impacts of the Match Preview and Match Review sessions. You can download the newest version from the link above.
  6. Welcome in to a quick update on the new and improved FM Training Planner Tool that I've updated for FM21 (download link below). N.B. This tool was initially created for FM19 (read the original blog post here) and was updated by fellow content creator Pedroig for FM20. As I mentioned above, I originally created the tool for FM19 when the Football Manager series saw a significant overhaul to the Training module in the game. It's fair to say that while the changes to Training in FM were very welcome, they were also a little daunting and I found myself struggling to work out
  7. Yes, I believe it does. Similarly you can sign a player who’s been loaned to another club in your country, and his time there will still count. Have a look under Overview > Information > Eligibility on the players screen to see his progress
  8. Are you choosing “automatic” for your manager’s experience level? If so then that could be the cause. I prefer to start with Sunday’s league level and work up from there, have been sacked many times in the past although have managed three seasons with Nosaby IF in the Swedish lower leagues so far! I’ll let you know how it pans out!
  9. I have the same problem in the Swedish 4th tier. 6 players being offered out and no interest. Wages are low but their quality is probably a division below (which is unplayable in the game). I think I should have attempted to offer them new non-contracts before marking them as not needed but now they’re annoyed and looks like I’m stuck with them for another year! And I’m over my wage budget too so could be a tough season ahead!
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