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  1. Thanks @Hovis Dexter. I am working on a 2022 version of the planner and will look at including the intensity line as well.
  2. I have added four playable managers to the game. Once the first manager completes the weekly staff meeting, it's not possible for the other managers to progress from this screen when they are "live". The inbox item is a "must respond" but by clicking on "Attend meeting" you are taken to the summary page of the first manager's meeting. Clicking "End meeting" takes you back to your inbox where you still have a "Must respond" item that prevents you from continuing. The same is true for all thee of the other managers who did not conduct the weekly meeting first.
  3. Cleon, great to see you back. This bible sounds brilliant. By way of contribution, I’d say my biggest challenge is always how to tweak or adapt my tactic to counter the opposition’s main threats game to game. For the most part, I stubbornly play my own system my way and that seems to work the majority of the time, but occasionally when up against a top team, you might want to change things to nullify their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses. Where i struggle is “how” to identify those strengths and weaknesses, and then what changes to make that will help. I’m not looking for a line by line explanation of what to do in each scenario, but a basic process to go through might be really helpful. Good luck with it all, and thanks in advance for what sounds like another great piece of work! FMA
  4. Thanks so much mate, will take a look. Really appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to to research this!
  5. Hi guys, thanks so much for this thread, so helpful. My budget is around the £500-£600 mark and I will really only use it to play FM and Minecraft. My current laptop (which just died) was the Dell XPS13 9365 and could run both games adequately, albeit far from amazing. Reading through your previous recommendations I had an eye on the DELL Inspiron 15 3000 (£500) and the ASUS VivoBook M431IA (£550) which both look like a significant improvement on the XPS. For a bit more than my budget i also saw you recommended the Medion Crawler E10 which looks incredible but might be a bit overkill for my needs? Aside from the differences in display size and weight, do you have any thoughts or preferences on the above please? Or have i missed any bargains somewhere else?! I'd stretch a bit over the budget if it meant I'd get something really great that would last a bit longer. Cheers
  6. Hey @kertiek, good spot. I've updated the file to now include the impacts of the Match Preview and Match Review sessions. You can download the newest version from the link above.
  7. Welcome in to a quick update on the new and improved FM Training Planner Tool that I've updated for FM21 (download link below). N.B. This tool was initially created for FM19 (read the original blog post here) and was updated by fellow content creator Pedroig for FM20. As I mentioned above, I originally created the tool for FM19 when the Football Manager series saw a significant overhaul to the Training module in the game. It's fair to say that while the changes to Training in FM were very welcome, they were also a little daunting and I found myself struggling to work out which sessions I should be scheduling for my players. Aside from the obvious impacts on their health and happiness, I was also finding it hard to keep track of which attributes were being worked on in each session and I realised how much easier it would be to understand, if I could distil everything down to numbers. And so that's what I did. The Training Planner Tool is housed in an Excel Workbook and includes a replica Schedule template, similar to what you'll find in the game. The difference though, is that as you add the various training sessions into the planner, you'll see a readout below it of which attributes and other impacts are being affected. Using the on-screen feedback (see screenshots), and through a bit of tinkering with your schedule, you should be able to create a plan that meets your criteria. Whether there are specific attributes you want your team to work on, or you're taking a more holistic view and are trying to cram as many attributes in as you can, hopefully this tool will be a help to you. I'd like to reiterate that this tool has been prepared independently of SI and FM and it is entirely my own interpretation of how I understand the training modules to work. Therefore, I could very well be completely wrong so please use your own judgement as well. As always, please share your feedback here, on Twitter, or on Slack, especially if you notice anything that seems wrong or needs recalculating. What's New The biggest change to this version is the inclusion of the Set Piece training which I omitted from the FM19 version and then never got round to adding it in. I know that Pedroig had a bash at adding the Set Pieces in for FM20 but for the sake of making all the maths consistent, I ended up starting again on that section. Elsewhere, I've corrected a few errors and bugs that I found and I hope everything is now working as it should be. Creating the Tool To begin with, I copied over the details for each training module and session into a spreadsheet, with the list of attributes and other impacts down one side, and across the top i included the session name, the unit being trained and the percentage of intensity that the unit is experiencing for the session. Where an attribute or impact is mentioned i put "Yes", otherwise it was left blank and for the Health impacts such as condition, fatigue, happiness etc. I used the same phrasing as the game i.e. increased, reduced etc. From here i then allocated a numerical value to each impact. I replaced "Yes" with a 1, and then gave the health impacts a 0.1 or -0.1 for "slightly increased/reduced", 0.2 or -0.2 for "increased/reduced" and a 0.3 or -0.3 for "greatly increased/reduced". How it Works With the data now in a numerical state, i created three more sheets, two for where we could do some of the maths and the other as the "front" sheet where the user enters the sessions they want to to run each day. On the first maths sheet, I've allocated a multiplier that takes into account how many attributes/impacts are being worked on in the session. In other words, the less attributes in the session, the higher the affect on them. This led to some sessions having an unrealistic weighting where only 1 or 2 attributes were being worked on and so for these, i added a handicap so that the data on the front sheet is easier to compare. The second maths sheet takes the result of the calculations for each attribute/impact above and multiplies it by the level of intensity that that training unit experienced in the session. So, for example, in the "Attacking Wings" session, our Attacker unit operate at a 60% intensity level, while our Goalkeeper and Defender units operate at 20%. Therefore, the Attackers attributes are improved more than the Goalkeepers or Defenders. User Interface On the front sheet is a schedule that mimics the one in the game. You simply click on a session slot and then use the drop down arrow to select your session from the list. Below the schedule is a table that totals up the affects on each attribute or impact for the different units. The more sessions you add to the schedule, the greater the affect. This gives you a quick visual of which attributes are being worked on most, and which ones are being neglected, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to get it just right. Interpreting the Data One important point to make when reading the data, is that the numbers are all interdependent, and are not showing what the actual increase of the attribute will be. I.e. where Aerial Reach has a 1.4 for Goalkeepers, this is not saying that this attribute will increase by 1.4, but rather that there is a relative affect to the value of 1.4, compared to say, an affect on First Touch of only 0.4. The example table (see screenshots) gives us a good snapshot of the affects this schedule will have on the players. Using the averages at the bottom, i can instantly see that it doesn't include much affect on Physical attributes, and the Goalkeepers won't see much affect either. In terms of the other impacts, there's not much going on for Tactical Familiarity, but plenty of Team Cohesion which is good. From here, i can adjust the schedule to change which attributes are being worked on. For example, I might throw an Endurance session in to bump up the physical attribute training, or remove Team Bonding to reduce the affects on Teamwork and Team Cohesion. The Gaps There will be "hidden" effects of training that aren't explicitly called out in the session descriptions and therefore, have not been factored into the tool. An obvious example is that player fitness will increase with training and match practice and so I have not assigned a value for how much attributes like Stamina might be affected by a player simply going to training, regardless of what the session entails. Choosing "Match" as a session will display the same attribute changes as Match Practice. In fact, i would assume that the intensity of a real match is much higher and therefore the effects may be different, but I've not factored that in (yet). Finally, there's also no correlation to Individual Training and how this will impact on the players development in the long run either. Feedback As always, please share your feedback here, on Twitter, or on Slack, especially if you notice anything that seems wrong or needs recalculating. Download DOWNLOAD THE FM TRAINING PLANNER TOOL HERE
  8. Yes, I believe it does. Similarly you can sign a player who’s been loaned to another club in your country, and his time there will still count. Have a look under Overview > Information > Eligibility on the players screen to see his progress
  9. Are you choosing “automatic” for your manager’s experience level? If so then that could be the cause. I prefer to start with Sunday’s league level and work up from there, have been sacked many times in the past although have managed three seasons with Nosaby IF in the Swedish lower leagues so far! I’ll let you know how it pans out!
  10. I have the same problem in the Swedish 4th tier. 6 players being offered out and no interest. Wages are low but their quality is probably a division below (which is unplayable in the game). I think I should have attempted to offer them new non-contracts before marking them as not needed but now they’re annoyed and looks like I’m stuck with them for another year! And I’m over my wage budget too so could be a tough season ahead!
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