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  1. Damn! Was hoping it was a bug! Thanks for the clarification Dan. Definitely agree that having it set as a different status would be clearer. Cheers
  2. Apologies in advance if this doesn't belong in here, but I've loaded up Romania's Third Division in my FM20 game as a playable league, but in fact you can't play as any of the clubs in the third tier. Those clubs also aren't listed on the Job Security page either. If you think this is a bug, please let me know and I'll upload a save file. Thanks
  3. Yes, I believe it does. Similarly you can sign a player who’s been loaned to another club in your country, and his time there will still count. Have a look under Overview > Information > Eligibility on the players screen to see his progress
  4. Are you choosing “automatic” for your manager’s experience level? If so then that could be the cause. I prefer to start with Sunday’s league level and work up from there, have been sacked many times in the past although have managed three seasons with Nosaby IF in the Swedish lower leagues so far! I’ll let you know how it pans out!
  5. I have the same problem in the Swedish 4th tier. 6 players being offered out and no interest. Wages are low but their quality is probably a division below (which is unplayable in the game). I think I should have attempted to offer them new non-contracts before marking them as not needed but now they’re annoyed and looks like I’m stuck with them for another year! And I’m over my wage budget too so could be a tough season ahead!
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