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  1. @Connor Winks Just to update you, I have continued playing on this save file and my team Won the Champions League, and two of my promises have been marked as completed. So it seems like something has been updated and it is working now? I will continue to observe as I still have 3 players with outstanding promises. Edit: This is Nov 27, 2021 in game time.
  2. @Connor Winks Should be called Roar Year 3 League Test.
  3. Thanks @Connor Winks I have uploaded a save the matchday before the league title being confirmed. A win (or possibly even a draw) will confirm the title. The promises will still change to "Win Champions League"
  4. I am playing FMT 19, in the Hyundai A League (Australia). And the "promise to win league" is broken. Everytime time I win the league I get the message "Player Win TItle Promise" After speaking with Player, I believe that even though he was promised the league title, he will still be happy if we manage to win the champions league instead. I have found that winning the Champions League then will change the promise back to "Win A League." It creates a loop.
  5. Hello, playing on FM Touch Steam/iPad I am trying to sign a retiring player to HoYD when he retires and I have 2 issues preventing me from signing him currently (game date is Nov 2020, retirement is end of May 2021) On the contract offer he requests a 3k salary and 1 year rolling contract. Start of contract is Retirement from Playing (30 May 2021). Due to wage board restrictions, I can only offer him 2.5k salary. My wage budget is currently 108k per week, transfer budget is 900k and I am spending 75k per week with commited spending of 74k. My current HoYD will be released with 128k in compensation (out of the transfer budget I assume). The 2nd issue - he wants his rolling contract to have a "end date" on Nov 2021 (I assume this is due to the 1 year rolling contract) however I can only off him a contract length/end date of May 2022). I'm guessing this is some sort of error because his contract should start at end of retirement... I am guessing I will be able to sign him once his playing contract expires and hope no one else snaps him up in the mean time? Not a big issue but he is a club legend so it would make sense that the club would figure out his path from playing to coaching before he's out of contract... Anyway is there a good explanation for why I can't offer more than 2.5k for a HoYD? My current HoYD is on 2.3k, but I have plenty of wage budget/transfer budget space to accommodate. There is no information in the finance section or board section explaining my staff budget restrictions, and I can't request them to change this? Thank you if you are able to help.
  6. I signed a player with the pre contract promise to win the league. I have just completed that and I get an email saying that the player will be happy if I win the champions league (See screenshot). The circle is completely green on the promises screen, but there is 200 or so days until the Champions league finishes. Have I completed the promise or do I have to worry about Champions league now? https://imgur.com/a/qFW1HG7
  7. Ok I guess I’ll have a think about it then. Good to know because I wrongly assumed the HOYD would run the reserves.
  8. On FMT there is a reduced amount of features related to team cohesion, etc. I am trying to understand what the ass man does in FMT. Assistant Manager: Gives tactical advice and suggestions mid match (i.e. tactical knowledge is useful) Scouting opinions (i.e. player judging abilities) Team talks - this is not a feature in FMT, so is man management irrelevant for the ass man in FMT? Are opposition instructions a thing in FMT and does the ass man take care of this? Basically I want to make one of my former players my assistant manager, but he is quite poor at man management yet good stats at everything else. I also assume he will improve at this overtime anyway?
  9. I don't think there is a way to watch or see analysis from old matches. You can look back at old player ratings and basic statistics from games but that is about it.
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