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  1. I have a 2011 macbook pro with intel HD graphics 3000 512MB, 8gb RAM & 2.3GHz Intel Core i5, FM19 ran fine on this laptop (Graphic rating 2 stars) but FM20 is lagging slightly in the game play especially when the camera is moving in the game, & for some reason its giving me a 1 star graphic rating for this version Can anyone help with this please?
  2. The last laptop i had was older than this one (2009) and it worked fine, i dont understand how that could be possible @Hugo Mendes Albino
  3. Has there been any update on the situation ive been having? I have updated the winter version and i am still getting this @Hugo Mendes Albino so is my laptop the issue?
  4. Unfortunately it hasn't done anything apart from let me play one game then crashed again @Hugo Mendes Albino all that has been asked of me to do has been done and still no joy in fixing this issue.
  5. Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino i started a new game & played one game which was fine, then i get to renewing players contracts and its crashed again, less leagues are in this set up as well.. computer performance is on 3 stars and estimated game speed is on 2 & a half stars.
  6. Okay just a update, my steam has updated and FM19 is showing 19.2.3 but won't load and this is whats happening now (please see attachments) @Hugo Mendes Albino
  7. Ive done this and played a full game, got to the second game and it crashed again @Hugo Mendes Albino it asked me to send a report..
  8. I've tried that and still no luck, i am talking to the other guys from sega and also doing what they have asked me to do with no luck either on this problem. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this kind of situation but do you think it could get resolved in the long run? @Hugo Mendes Albino
  9. I have tried that today also @Hugo Mendes Albino and its still the same thing unfortunately
  10. Unfortunately the highest this laptop will go is higher sierra software which is what it is at now, the graphics are upped as I've recently changed the RAM in the laptop to the maximum it can handle which is 8GB & graphics are on 512MB from a previous 348MB. Leagues have been reduced to see if it works but its crashing on the 88th, 90th & 91st minute of the game, this laptop is one recently brought & i didnt want to go and buy another. Kind regards
  11. Hi hugo, yesterday i updated my RAM and my graphics went up from 348MB To 512MB, i tried to play the game again and as soon as i get to stoppage time it does this again.
  12. Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino i did try to uninstall everything as recommended and nothing has worked unfortunately, updating my drivers even further would cost money and higher Sierra is my last update cycle for this machine, hopefully you guys could come up with an update for all macs as i never had an issue with my 2009 macbook in regards to the game. For now i won't be able to play the game like this but thank you for trying to help
  13. I have restarted the game and its still saying sending report after a while throughout the game at different points, so I'm clueless in what to do at the moment as everything is up to date as i previously said including the graphics driver etc. Thanks for all your help, if there is a solution to the problem could you let me know please Kind regards Dean
  14. Is there a possible chance it could be a corrupt file that im playing on? And would there be a chance you could re test the file i have sent you before i restart my game as I've got so far into the season, it will pain me to restart again 🤣😂 @Hugo Mendes Albino
  15. Im not running any other apps in the background when playing the game @Hugo Mendes Albino I have attached full system info for you. would I need to restart my game again then to get it working properly? MacBook Pro dean.spx
  16. That is the file that has been uploaded @Hugo Mendes Albino Cheers, Dean
  17. The name of the file starts with dj crazie @Hugo Mendes Albino
  18. Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino ive uploaded the file to it now for you to have a look at Thank you Dean
  19. Where do i find the file to upload? @Hugo Mendes Albino
  20. Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino yes it does, ive noticed as soon as i get between 86-90 minutes of a game it does it, i will upload the game and notify you of when i have done so
  21. My graphic drivers are up to date, is there anything else that can be recommended? @Hugo Mendes Albino as everything was working fine until the last update and now im not sure what to do, i would like to continue playing the game but now i have paid for something that im not able to play
  22. Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino i did update the latest software on the laptop, to the higher sierra yesterday and cleared everything etc, i dont think i tried the graphics driver but i can certainly do that and see how it goes, failing that is there a way you guys are able to do anything on your end?
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