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    Portuguese leaving in the Netherlands. Used to be a football referee, before VAR was an option. A big fan of Academica de Coimbra, Portugal.

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    Love football; have a family (2 kids and a lovely wife); have very demanding job (little time for FM


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    Academica de Coimbra

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  1. I have the same problem. When I delegate initiate offer to players but I am the one negotiating and finalising the deal, it says I have to respond (as seen in the picture). However there's nothing to respond to. Clicking "Must Respond" just keeps me in this page and no way out. I can only withdraw the contract offer (or go on holidays as suggested by Vali184).
  2. Please, be fast with this! I have the problem that my boss will soon start realising that I can be much more productive at work, compromising my FM career! (Mac user here)
  3. Current football is full with stories and players being actively involved in social media. These can mine the atmosphere within the dressing room and the relation between player and manager (just see the situation at ManUnited with Pogba and Mourinho). There are also tax, alcohol, sexual abuse stories popping up now and then. Why to not include these in FM to make it more realistic? This is in line with a previous topic already reviewed about player disliking the manager and coming to the media to make it public.
  4. I feel that the DoF is currently just another staff member. I believe that, in real life, they are much more (if they exist at all in the club). In some clubs, they are a central figure. I would like to see this more well explored in FM. Examples: The club could have an imposed structure on who decides about transfers - the manager or the DoF. This should be part of the contract negotiation with new clubs and could be a feature of the game that could be turned off for FM players that want always to control everything. If the DoF is in charge of buying and selling players, two things should happen: The media, club and supports should not complain with us about new signings or sells; Before a transfer window, there should be a talk with the DoF indicating which type of players do we need to get in the team (position and ability) and which should be released. There should be a relationship between the DoF and the manager. These dynamics are also very important within the club. The club should be in charge of hiring this DoF and their policy DoF-manager could change during a save (if this option is turned on).
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