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  1. I uploaded a saved game a couple of months ago but got no reply....hopefully your issue is taken more seriously.
  2. Noticing a lot of bald players now....maybe 30 to 40%....unusual.
  3. Been another month.....any update on the review?
  4. Coming across bald regens who have full heads of hair during matches....anyone else have this issue?
  5. No worries. Been playing since CM 96 so happy to help.
  6. These players on my team --- I haven't checked if it affects players on other teams: Tom Ashton Yannick Aziakonou Kyle Bailey Osagi Bascome Bradley Bauress Stephen Brogan Kyle Copp Rich De Groot Tommy Dyche Connor Hampson Michael Liddle Ryan Lloyd Khius Metz Elliott Richards Te-Jay Robinson Cole Stockton Ben Tomlinson Frankie Wallace Louis Wardle Ethan Warnock Peter Zehdee I have progressed a few seasons passed this saved game now and although I am signing fewer players from on trial to contract the issue still continues.
  7. The biography of every player in my team who was signed from on trial to a contract.
  8. Another bug in the saved game - and I'm not sure if it has already been reported - is that during the team talk one option is: "The recent form standings have XXXXXX is X place whilst we're in X place. Let's show them why." The places mentioned are always incorrect - for example they are in 7th place and we are in 6th place but them game says they are in 9th place and we are in 1st place.
  9. Saved game has been uploaded, the name is: Ashton Utd 2019-20
  10. Do SI still look at these bugs? Or are they already working on FM 2020?
  11. Hi, I am playing a team in Vanarama National League North. Due to this I am signing a lot of players on trial to contracts. I have noticed that if a player is signed from on trial to a contract then their player biography will not be updated with the league games/goals the player goes on to play for the club. Instead the biography will only say the player was on trial with the club. Can this please be reviewed/fixed? Cheers, AKnup
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