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  1. So end of the first season. Overachieved imo. Was predicted 4th came 2nd. Reached 3 finals winning 2. The Europa league final was a fix up. My keeper kicked the ball at Aubameyang and rebounded in for the 1st and then they got a pen for the 2nd. Some great team stats there. Was also the most proficient tackling at 88% and best shot conversion at 55%. Set piece wise, Defensively we was sound, conceded just 3 from corners and 3 from indirect fk's. Attacking we got 12 and 10 respectively making us the best in the league in that regard. Player wise. Some great numbers chalked up here. Ultimately it was lack of squad depth/quality that killed us in the league. We was struggling the keep the players match fit playing in Europe every other day and we hit a dip but finished strong. Before every game i checked the opposition report to check what formation they would play and picked mine depending on that. The 442 was my go to but was often changed in match. The only thing i done different was the training. I used @Mr U Rosler schedules that have served me well in the past. Top work Chrissy
  2. Well that was nice! Supercoppa final as well Mid season update and i'm enjoying it! Only signed Eddie Nketiah on loan to be backup.
  3. Gonna load up a new save with Lazio. They should fit these formations an absolute dream. Will report back end of the season.
  4. Been using the 442 Baseline at home and 352 Baseline away. Using the training and pointers from this write up for the time being. I'm pretty impressed with it considering i don't really have players suited. Wasn't plugged in for preseason either. I switched over against Dijon 9 games in.
  5. Seems great for me so far, Giving it a go with Sporting CP, i did only plug it in 5 games into the season though so wont really feel the full effects for a while yet. Quick question about the training though, Im assuming them schedules will be to intense for my youth/U21s? Also the attributes you mentioned you focus on, Would you apply that to youth or would you just develop their weakest/train by position?
  6. Been working well for me with a few different teams. My wingbacks seem to struggle more often than not though. anyone else found this?
  7. So I've reached the winter break in Italy so here's a quick update. On the face of it things are going great. Works a charm against big teams as you can see but as with most underdog tactics it can struggle to break down the more defensive and im gonna assuming i'll face this issue even more so in the second half of the season. In regards to the goals scored.. I seem to get most of mine from the set pieces and long shots from the center mids. Here you can see the assist types, Most of them short passes are flick ons from the throw ins i think. Saying that when we do get a CCC we are fairly clinical with them. Regarding that tweak i made changing 'Get stuck in' for 'Stay on feet' Joint 3rd in tackle completion, Least amount of tackles won because i obviously make less, which has left me the 2nd least amount of fouls made which imo greatly reduces the chances of conceding from set pieces. I've also given away 0 pens, 6 fewest yellow cards and 0 reds so far this season. I got a feeling i may have to find a more attacking tactic going forward once they rejig the reputation and keep this for the big games and europe next season. Great work again Mr Rosler
  8. Bare in mind my team cohesion is still in the red, i plugged this in my last game of preseason so the team have not fully understood it yet. George Graham would be proud. Slight change i made was to take off 'Get stuck in' and put on 'Stay on feet' after i picked up 6 yellows in the lazio game. Which has left me with the following that i love because the yellow cards do my nut in.
  9. Not got the squad to use this with atm but as far as set pieces go, Im currently using 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 2004 v1 thats on FMBase, and the set pieces on that are working a dream. Might be something worth checking out.
  10. Yeah i took over in Feb 2021. It's a half decent team but the vultures are circling for my players non stop.
  11. New tweaks on the BETA. This is how the rest of the season ended up. Time to get some players in to fit the tactic and give it a full season!
  12. Small sample size and against weaker op but its very promising. More important than the results though is its actually brought some enjoyment back to FM for me. Was turning into a right chore before this Beta, At least now we've got good football
  13. Took over Genoa last season when they were near bottom and managed a respectable 10th place. Fast forward to my first full season in charge and well.. Board just wanted top half and a media prediction was of 7th. Also manage to reach the Semi Final of the cup before losing to AC Milan. Reckon I would of done better but I got proper stitched up with 5 games in 12 days in the run in.. Some stats from the playmaker and strikers..
  14. End of season round up as promised.. a very respectable league finish 10th highest goal scorers 9th best defence 2nd highest yellow cards 1st highest reds My strikers and wide men didn't really chip in as much as I'd like. For a newly promoted side I guess it weren't to bad though. This was my starting XI. McBurnie was brought in at the start of the season and just didn't produce as I'd hoped. Grandsir and Stefaniak came up with me so I'm fairly happy what that chipped in. The only thing I really found that let me down was balls to the far post. Any sort of pass between my WB and CB would nearly always result in a goal. They just seemed to freeze, I've seen a few other people complain about this when using 5 at the back so not sure it can really be helped. Overall im fairly happy with it. Hopefully with a few upgrades player wise It can kick on again.
  15. So after using it the second half of last season I got promoted with Sheffield United..Currently half way through my first season in the premier and sat comfy 10th place. Pretty much the same squad that got me promoted with the exception of 1 or 2. Got the 6th best defence in the league as it stands. 12th highest goalscorer. I'll post up some stats etc at the end of the season.
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