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  1. Took over Genoa last season when they were near bottom and managed a respectable 10th place. Fast forward to my first full season in charge and well.. Board just wanted top half and a media prediction was of 7th. Also manage to reach the Semi Final of the cup before losing to AC Milan. Reckon I would of done better but I got proper stitched up with 5 games in 12 days in the run in.. Some stats from the playmaker and strikers..
  2. End of season round up as promised.. a very respectable league finish 10th highest goal scorers 9th best defence 2nd highest yellow cards 1st highest reds My strikers and wide men didn't really chip in as much as I'd like. For a newly promoted side I guess it weren't to bad though. This was my starting XI. McBurnie was brought in at the start of the season and just didn't produce as I'd hoped. Grandsir and Stefaniak came up with me so I'm fairly happy what that chipped in. The only thing I really found that let me down was balls to the far post. Any sort of pass between my WB and CB would nearly always result in a goal. They just seemed to freeze, I've seen a few other people complain about this when using 5 at the back so not sure it can really be helped. Overall im fairly happy with it. Hopefully with a few upgrades player wise It can kick on again.
  3. So after using it the second half of last season I got promoted with Sheffield United..Currently half way through my first season in the premier and sat comfy 10th place. Pretty much the same squad that got me promoted with the exception of 1 or 2. Got the 6th best defence in the league as it stands. 12th highest goalscorer. I'll post up some stats etc at the end of the season.
  4. Ah yes. Very much enjoying this. Already turned down West Ham, Leicester and Bournemouth since I've plugged it in. Cant wait to get a proper season with it.
  5. I changed them but was also scoring a lot from them so no real difference. Turns out that Tottenham game was luck..Everything fell apart after that..
  6. I picked up some wins using another tactic but weren't really enjoying it so I'm going to come back and stick with this. What I am going to do though it change my training and have it focused more on match prep and hope that pays off. I've saved the recommend player attributes into the game as filters so I'll try and build a team as close as possible to that. Got 9 games left of the season and I'll report back after. First game back with this tactic and new training though Luck? Who cares!
  7. Half way through the season with Sheffield and I'm 4th which aint bad, Same old problems with the strikers and I just can't get my head around how to fix it. Seems its defo one for better quality players. Currently 5 games without a win so think I might have to abandon this until I can get some better quality in. Worked brilliant in earlier saves with better quality players so that's what im putting it down to.
  8. I hear that but what meant was the actual roles, So maybe changing the Pressing Forward to a False Nine etc. It could be due to ppms but I don't think so as I've used different strikers and had similar issues. Don't get me wrong I still score goals I just feel like I'm not getting the most out of them. My 2 Advanced forwards form.. PPMs : Runs with ball through centre, Cuts inside from both wings PPMs: Moves into Channels My two Pressing Forwards.. PPMs: None PPMs: Plays with back to goal I've just taken the Sheffield United job so will see how these lot get on.
  9. Do you think changing the striker roles would make much difference as long as 1 is support 1 attack? I tend to find my strikers go hot and cold no matter who I use really.
  10. 11 goals in 12 games for my striker.. Changed him to a Target Man (S)
  11. Nah I meant the Pi's but the ppm's could be useful as well. Gonna start a new save now. Will let you know how it goes.
  12. Any individual instructions? Look forward to using it.
  13. 1. I was switching between this original and inverted deepening on who was fit etc. 2. I didn't find it made much difference tbh. He scored goals both sides. 3. I actually left Leeds and took over a Lazio team the wrong side of 30 and in need of a major rebuild. My WP on the left got 4 goals 5 assists in 18 starts and 6 sub, he however had a lot of traits that could of been detrimental. My WP on the right, who I retrained there this season, got 2 goals and 1 assist in 15 starts 4 subs. which I'm sure would of been more if he was natural there I found often though they were involved in the build up but not necessarily getting the assist.
  14. Not a bad season in the end. Was predicted 14th and it would of been better but my main keeper got injured in march and I started shipping goals My advance forward got 19 goals in 30 games, 9 assists too, which aint bad considering he's inconsistent and plays with his back to goal.. My Pressing forward got in on the act with 19 goals and 6 assists as well very much enjoying the tactic
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