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  1. 3D Kits Tutorial.

    Will most likely got shot down for this, but can anyone direct me to a tutorial for making 3D kits on fm09/10? Thanks in advance.
  2. When will SI explain

    Im only 1/3 of the way through my second season. But when it comes to the strikers you have to get their individual tactics just right. Last season I finished 4th in the swedish allsvenskan. 3 strikers all got 10 goals and one midfielder got 10. I can see where people have been coming from, as before this specfic game i created i had the same problems. I think there are many factors involved with strikers. One of my best strikers last season has no become very poor. I think this is due to moral or what not. for me this is the most in depth and most realistic fm to date.
  3. Sweden League Update Help.

    Changed all the teams from division one to allsvenskan. load game up. No sweden. Whats happening there?
  4. Playing history

    if you find the original default db. Copy the player history files and others you dont have into your new db file.
  5. Editor Guide?

    I can do that easy enough. . . Just need help with the actual config files.
  6. Editor Guide?

    What happened to that guide we had last year? shows you how edit content. Like put players photos in the game etc. Can't seem to find it. if someone could point me in the right direction. thanks in advance.
  7. sorry if this has been said before.ive downloaded both the 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 patches, but niether of them work.they downloaded fine and extracted fine.then i installed them into the program files like your meant to,but when i go to start the a new game it still comes up with the default database.any help would be great.or any links to somewhere where there is help. cheers ears