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  1. 1. The ability to talk to team captain and/or vice captain, especially during crucial point of competitions. 2. We already had the “son generated” / “create a son” features. We also had seen real players’ kids enter the professional league and or national team. Would love to see the son of the star regen players (regens who had 4.5 - 5 stars CA) following the footsteps of their regen dads and media comparing them. 😬 3. When you chose instant result or simulate with/without game plan, can we see the match highlight afterwards? I really wanna see those rare overhead kick goals when a player scored one.
  2. Hi @Declan Holbem, Thank you for your response. I’m happy to inform you that I no longer have the problem with the quick pick button on the national team screen. I take a look at my old save where the quick pick button was never an issue and apparently the national team has a position filled for U-21 Assistant Manager while my current save doesn’t have any. So I offered the U-21 Asst. Manager position to an ex-player and he took it and after that the quick pick button on the national team screen is suddenly working. I include some screen caps below. 1) National team staff member page. I have asst. manager for senior national team but no asst. manager for U-21 national team: 2) The quick pick button on national team page wasn’t working (disabled): 3) I offered the role of France U-21 asst. manager to a staff: 4) Said staff accepted the role as France U-21 asst. manager: 5) National team staff member page after the addition of U21 asst. manager: 6) Hooray, the quick pick button on the national team screen is working and now I can quickly pick the best team for the match!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks, Fergumeister
  3. If the player still has more than 2 years of contract, I tell him to stick with his current contract (the first chat option available when you responded to the player when he went public) and he usually agree. If < 2 years I promise him contract talk at the end of the season or perform well to earn a new contract.
  4. I’m currently having the same problem. In 2020 after Euro I was offered the France NT job and the quick pick button was disabled by the game (greyed out). Yes, the NT assistant manager was available (Guy Stéphan). Then came the Olympic game and the game asked if I want to take over the U23 team or placed an advert for a new manager for the team. Since I took control the France U23 coincidentally the quick pick button was suddenly available and I can use it to pick the main team and U23 team. After the Olympic was done, I offered the U23 manager post to one of the ex National Team player. He took the job and the quick pick button back to being greyed out. This problem doesn’t occur on the club tactical/home screen though (I managed both club and country). I use iOS 12.1.3 and FMT 19.2.1. I also had some previous saved games where I also managed France NT after Euro but the quick pick bug wasn’t exist then.
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