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  1. What exactly are you changing in the file? I've tried changing the apperance for each of the attributes to "boxes/custom/attributes/star" but I shut the game down, reopen and its still showing the numbers
  2. Yeah just create it if its not there and it should be picked up (Just make sure caching is off when you reload the skin for the first time)
  3. It's something I had a look to do as I do prefer the bars, its just easier to look at quickly and get an idea of the balance of the match but I didn't come across a way to do it. If I come across it later its certainly an option I will add
  4. First up I haven't included the [WIP] or [RELEASED] tag in the title. Techically its complete as it is but there are a couple of additional things I would like to include if I can work out how to (Specifcally adding some of the old match overview info so we can see attendence, weather, ref ect on that panel) so it may have a future update. Anyway a basically this mod takes the static match stats panel that shows on the in-between highlight screen which by default only shows Shots, On Target, xG, Corners,Fouls, Yellow Cards, passes comepleted and Possesion and adds a whole host of addition
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