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  1. @Neil Brock I confirm this because we began a new career with exactly the same players and the same host and without any database changes and it worked, 2 seasons passed no problem occured.
  2. @Christopher Lewis The only solution that i found was that way, i get back six months before (it was the only save available before the issue) and i had to fire up the assistant just before suggesting team selection and that way it passed well but i've tried many things on this and the were no solution. Anyway, i've continued the game on this old save and i've simulated the qualification matches that were in that period. Thanks for giving and answer.
  3. The weirdest thing that if i try to continue, the messages after in inbox are completely contradictory, if first place it indicates that is no changes in the squad and above that 7 players returns. It talks about the fact that i kept Hassen and just above the same player wants to talk future because he isn't selected.
  4. Hi, I'm playing an international career and i reached the world cup 2022 and i have to select the 23 players for the WC and in the same time i had a second message in inbox demanding to choose the 23 players for African Nations quals because i have to play two games of it just before WC. If i confirm in one of the two message the second one is confirmed too. But the issue in that is after confirming the squad and despite the first message after indiquating that i had no changes in the team, i have other message for players left off and the squad is totally changed into the assistant suggestions and it's no more the players that i choosed. I uploaded the game stopped at the squad selection into the name "Tunisia.fm" and the squad that selected in the one that i choosed. Thanks.
  5. Hi@Neil Brock, We started a new game in World Super League like as i told you and without any database change (expect the league in question) and unfortunately we have the issue again for all the clients (it begins with one and the 2 others are infected after few game's days), all the client's inboxes were stopped in a message, the number continue growing at the right but we cannot access to read it. I uploaded a new save in the name of "super league inbox".
  6. @Tony GarveyIt was the first thing that we've tried but always the host (the new) can access to his messages and the clients no.
  7. Unfortunately, (after deleting all mods (we know that it'll not affect the current game but we have to finish the season that we started but we'll be forced to let it down and go again from beginnig if it continues), we have the issue again but this time it appears without any game in the middle of a week and the inbox stopped in a news about a loaned player for me only (the Tottenham manager), all the other player haven't any problem. I uploaded a new save in the name of 'inbox tottenham'
  8. Hi @John Kendall-Torry, After deleting all database changes, we've tried to access to one of the infected saves and still no access to inbox by a game crash or inbox stopping at the same message. I thought about it also the DB derbies overhaul because each time of the 3 times that the issue happened was before derbies (2 times before chelsea-tottenham and one time for the chelsea manager only before cheslea-arsenal). The next step we'll see now if the issue will reproduce again after deleting the DB changes in the save where we're playing now (after resigning all managers and recreating all profiles).
  9. Me too i have no hope for solution especially when the answer is that they cannot reproduce the issue and it so easy to reproduce it, they have to be 2 that's all, and i explained this several times and also because i've seen on the internet many people complaining of this similar issue for FM 2013 and they were no solution for them. I'm sad because FM is the game that i like playing the most from 2003 and this thning clearlry screws up everything.
  10. unfortunately, that ruined totally our game oo, it's the 3rd time that happens in one season and it's very frustrating to have to retire and create all profiles from the beginning, and we have no motivation to continue like this, we decided just to finish the season and stop the game if there's no solution. Hope develops take this issue seriously and work hard on it because every day we have more and more people complaining of that and it will affect games negatively.
  11. We have the issue another time in the same season and onther time all the non host players where impacted by this and the weirdest thing that the issues happens before Chelsea-Tottenham (two human player) match for the second time, the inbox stops in team selection advice at the last message, and it was the same thing in the first round of the season and now in the second round. I uploaded the save in the name of 'inbox crash'.
  12. Hi we had the same issue too in our game, the last match for the Man Utd coach against Crystal Palace finished 4-0 (we (the 3 other managers)'ve seen it even in latest scores in our games that it is 4-0) and the score appears at 2-0 only after continuing after games. I uploaded the save with the name of 'score issue'.
  13. Hi@John Kendall-Torry, to reproduce the issue in one of the infected saved you have to open the game with an account and to access with onther different account and take one of the existant manager profiles.
  14. Hi @John Kendall-Torry, Yes it crash again and the wost weird we're encoutring the same issue (after re-creating all the profiles) but this time with only one profil (the manager of Chelsea), we'he tried to take control from different accounts and always the inbox is blocked in a team advice (a new one in 26th decembre).
  15. didn't worked either, inbox stops at the same message or the game crashes if we try access inbox, hope it will be a solution for this
  16. Unfortunately i didn't worked for us, i didn't have mods , the host had one and he uninstalled it and always the same issue. I'll try this and i'll let you know if it worked and thanks to share solutions dude.
  17. @John Kendall-Torrycould you please access to the save and find a second person to take one of the existant profiles to see if he can see the inbox messages or not because if you create onether profiles or if you access with the host account you'll find all the messages
  18. can you tell me please how did you do to have to remove all mods ? because i didn't find any mods in files neither in steam workshop.
  19. Merci beaucoup même si j'ai posté en retour sur un sujet similaire sur le même forum (je ne pensais pas qu'on parlait de la même chose), espérons qu'une solution puisse être trouvé vu que j'ai lu sur les forums avec des problèmes que ça peut se produire plusieurs fois sur une même sauvegarde.
  20. Ah pardon j'ai oublié de le mentionner, la save s'intitule "ONLINE21 fix"
  21. We have tried to access with other account and take the profil of an existant manager and we had the same issue, it wasn't a solution unfortunately
  22. Salut, J'ai founit la save sur le lien mais comme je l'ai indiqué ce qui est bizarre sur le mode hors ligne tous les messages sont bien accessibles normalement. Merci pour la réponse
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