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  1. A shame. FMT 19 got me back into the FM universe after being away for eight years, the increasing media intersections was too bloating for my liking so I turned away.

    I understand why SI are doing this but it still cuts deep, I don’t have the time to play full fat FM nowadays.

    Without a laptop, no FMT on iPad, I’m out of the FM universe. And no, I don’t want another subscription to pay just for one game, and the switch version and FMM do not interest me.

    Fortunately I’m enjoying a fantastic save with Lechia on FMT 21, so there’s that.

  2. 1 hour ago, Marc Vaughan said:

    I realize that all the changes might not suit everyone - but they're in line with what we've stated we are planning for the game moving forward.

    Shouts does fit in with the idea of a streamlined and fast moving game, they don't interrupt the match and allow users to make a difference on the fly without spending ages making adjustments - as such I feel they suit FMT totally.

    I understand what you’re saying, and it’s impossible to please everyone.

    Just a couple of questions, were contract negotiations too complex for FMT? Are there any plans to review and potentially add back in some of the clauses/bonuses?

  3. 10 hours ago, RacingAKD said:

    Is this years version worth buying over last year? Im reading the thread and i see things like Club Vision more limited than last year, no player shortcuts and limited options when offering new contracts to player, is this by design or are they bugs? 

    I’ve not bought this years game, mainly due to limited options with contract negotiations and Club Vision being scaled back. Unfortunately these are by design, which is a shame cos it feels FMT is moving in a different direction to FM.

    According to this forum and reviews on the App Store, the game is riddled with bugs which is hindering the game. By all accounts this is an unpolished game in beta.

    I’m not buying the game due to the limitations with contracts and team vision, I’ll wait to see if these areas are advanced rather than stripped back. Although, I’m struggling for motivation to play last seasons game 😂

  4. 3 hours ago, Alex Pitt said:

    As I say, please tell us which bonuses and clauses you have a major issue with losing. Most of the ones removed already had other very similar clauses which were kept - it was a case of removing clauses which were slight variations and didn't add much in terms of gameplay, only additional complexity.

    I can assure you that we are not ever planning to remove substitutions from the game. :) 

    I’d say pretty much all of the bonuses, I do like to spread it out to save money on my weekly wage budget. Surely a newbie to the game wouldn’t be too frightened by these options? I understand that adding in all these options isn’t a gimme, so was wondering if a MOD would create a new thread with a poll of the bonuses/clauses that we want added back into the game?

    Plus what would the timeframe be on this being patched, if you can give one?



  5. 15 hours ago, steam just is said:

    Lol come on Joe! This ain’t got the feel of freemium. Even in a bad year FMT is one of the best games in the App Store. And this is not a bad year!

    Youre saying all the big things are much better, UI and ME etc. I’m pretty confident training and contracts will be updated as they can’t be major drains on resources.

    🤞 so you love it too

    The game is better in most areas, ME is night and day compared to last years game.

    The contract stuff won’t be fixed fully and that’s been said in the bug forum. It’s a shame, and I hate complaining lol, but I guess it just irks me they stayed quiet about it till it was released. My hope is they add some of the bonuses/clauses in, get the bugs fixed which they will do and then in the new year I can reevaluate the game.  


  6. 5 hours ago, steam just is said:

    The ME has been greatly improved and it’s nice you acknowledge that. I get what you’re saying about negotiations being a massive part of football but I’m also sure you’d agree that the match is the most important bit. 
    im still not seeing where the key features are missing (apart from the many bugs).

    i hope I’m not coming across as argumentative Joe. I get your points and I’ve been hyper critical the last few years. But if I’m happy to be critical (I found the ME appalling) I think it’s right I should be complimentary when changes have been made.

    I like the shouts. Someone said they’re too overbearing and influential and now you say they’re a gimmick. IRL Managers shout a lot. It changes the way a team plays. I think it’s great SI are adding to the match experience. That’s the point of FMT. tactics, transfers and the game itself.

    The ME looks as though it’s far better than FMT20. The UI I like a lot, it’s buggy which can be patched and will, I think it’s a very clean look. For the most part it’s definitely an improvement.

    But I don’t want some things like training (can’t train a player on their weaker foot) or the transfer/contract engine to be too simplified. I don’t want it to feel like a freemium game. 

  7. 56 minutes ago, steam just is said:

    I can’t see any major features missing. They’ve added shouts. What am I missing here??  @StuartMurraymentioned a few but I think they’re mostly bugs. Apparently contract renewals have been stripped back but I’d take a better more realistic  ME, graphics and shouts over detailed contract renewals any day of the week. 
    I find this love of 20 with its repetitive matches, incessant feeding of ball to wings, no obvious differences between players ability and poor graphics really strange. If you’re missing depth there is a game for you......FM20!

    That’s fair enough, the ME has been greatly improved and from what I’ve read is far better than FM20. But, transfer negotiations are a massive part of football. I can pay a player less a week and move his salary into bonuses/clauses to save money on my weekly wage budget, but due to streamlining in FMT21 I can’t do that. The overall game looks impressive, but these features being stripped back is a turn off.

    The Shouts feature is a gimmick, if they’ve stripped features back for that then IMO that’s embarrassing. 

  8. 12 hours ago, steam just is said:

    I’ve stopped playing as well due to,the bugs. It was clearly released a bit too early but they’re under so much pressure from super fans!

    I think of it as an unofficial beta,

    I think some of the things you mention will be resolved by update. I think it’s good the game has changed, otherwise it’s literally just an update. It was time to be a bit brave, and then go,for small and incremental again next year. 

    Under pressure? That’s pressure they’ve brought on themselves for ripping features out of a game for streamlining purposes. FMT20 was a whole lot of fun, there was no need to dumb down any feature of the game.

    The new additions to this years game I like, but I feel this version is one step forward two steps back. Most the bugs/glitches, as you say, will eventually be ironed out. The concerning thing is there doesn’t seem to be any intention to add the features removed as they were taken out by design. That’s my issue that the development team on this years game seem, from the outside, to have taken inspiration from EA in the art of removal of features while boasting its more in depth than ever before.

  9. 48 minutes ago, Gujord said:

    The lack of options in contracts make this feel more simple, and not in a good way. The possibility to have different conditions to a release clause is important when you start with a small team. I never felt it was to much, rather something that worked really good. As tablets get better you should really focus on adding relevant content, not removing that which works fine.

    same goes for data base. Almada is missing when I start a game in pl, Serie a and bundesliga. Biggest talents should really be included. In many ways this years game feels more cheap and simple in many ways


    I’m doing a career with PSG on FMT20, my first big team career mode in a decade.

    I use the bonuses in every players contract, partly because each agent wants more for their client, most players have a CL winners bonus and team of the year (domestic) bonus. I move some of the players basic weekly salary into bonuses/clauses to save money for my wage budget for contract extensions.

    This still baffles me why they would rip out code that’s been baked into FMT since it started, all for streamlining. If they would do a proper u-turn and add these back in plus fix the most urgent of bugs in the game then it’s a must buy, otherwise unfortunately for them that £20 will not be going to SI’s coffers.

  10. What’s the point of this game? This game is more streamlined/dumbed down than the Mobile game.

    I don’t want to accuse the devs, during what has been a difficult year, of laziness but this just stinks. You’ve streamlined one of the most important features of the game yet added the Shouts feature which isn’t exactly in line with your streamlined model.

    Again, this version of the game just feels like it should be a freebie tacked onto the full fat game. Such a shame as I was looking forward to this game, but I’ll carry on with FMT20 in the meantime.

  11. 2 hours ago, Harry Dunning said:

    Hi @ticcolo,

    Thanks for getting in touch however this is not a bug - again in an effort to streamline the game, certain elements which remain in FM such as this, will not be appearing in Touch versions of the game.



    Could you give an explanation to how this is streamlining?

    Its not even a full fat FM feature, it’s just a number so you know how many days till your next match at a quick glance.

  12. The season is only 23 games (I believe) as you play each team once. AFA have said there are no promotion/relegation until 2022 but am unsure if that’s replicated in game.

    This season was cancelled in real life and is replaced by a cup competition instead, Copa Diego Maradona.

    SI have decided to carry on with their normal season. So over the next few years teams will be relegated until there are 20 teams in the league. The mini cup competition at the end of the season only lasted one year but I’m guessing it’s in FM this year?

    I’m looking at doing a save with Gimnasia, taking the reigns from El Diego.

  13. 17 minutes ago, darkangel137 said:

    Is the price for FM2021 Touch for IOS & Android £29.99?

    I would hope not. I’m not sure the development time for the features listed is worth the extra £10 over last years version. If it is released at that price I’ll do what I did with FMT 20, that’s wait for a 25% sale on the App Store 😄 best £12.99 I’ve ever spent 😂

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