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  1. Thanks Tony I've also read some other people having trouble with this on the forums, and so am happy you're taking this seriously
  2. Whenever I enter the game, it resets my zoom to 100%. And, if I go higher than 100 (something I don't do, but tried it once), then the buttons aren't alligned to my cursor. I used to play on 50% zoom, and I think that is what is messing with it, since it got mysteriously removed without any replacement.
  3. In the most recent update, the 50% Zoom option was removed. This has now made the game much less enjoyable for me, since I have a small screen and the game is therefor too far zoomed in when I play now (it also resets from 85% to 100% when I close the game). I think it would be a really amazing addition if you could readd the 50% and maybe some between 50% and 85% like 75%.
  4. To add another thing to this: I've also now experienced a subbed on player (the green arrow) on the bench, by first subbing on using the new bar at the bottom, and then changing who I put on in the tactics screen.
  5. As one can see in the image below, I've got a player on the pitch, who has been subbed off? Now how can this be? Well, what happened was that I used the new sub-system at the bottom of the interface when in a match, and chose to sub James off, and put Aleña on. Then I changed my mind, and changed it to Richarlison. Then I realized this might screw up the system by subbing Alena on and then replacing him with Richarlison, so I quickly went in to the tactics view and changed them, as to try and stop this from happening. This made it so James got subbed off in the 71st minute; Richarlison got subbed off in the 72nd and on in the 72nd minute; Alena got subbed off in the 72nd and on in the 72nd minute. This used up all my three subs. Not a big deal for this fixture, but seems like a weird bug. Weirdest part being the fact that a subbed off, and therefor greyed out player, is on the pitch playing?? Thanks for your time, and I hope this can help shed light on a weird edge case scenario.
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