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  1. Has anybody found a way of getting Wellington Phoenix to be Eligible for either the Asian Champions League (Preferably) or the Oceania Champions League. I understand the reasons why they aren't in any id just like to find a way around it to make playing with the Phoenix more interesting.
  2. I am using the demo with the England quick start.
  3. Sorry Andrew I can't because the file size is too big.
  4. Currently managing Southampton & England U21. When I go into my national pool, the ability column is empty for most players, assuming this is because it is taking the club scouting reports not national. They have all been scouted by my national pool but they don't show up unless I go into the player profile. This is very frustrating when I am trying to pick my team, I just let the England assistant do it (I have no U21 Assistant as it is very hard to sign someone for the job). I cannot attach the game file as it is too large. As from the Screenshot all the abilities are Unknown, then I go into a players profile and go in to the national report section and its there. How do I get the national reports to show up consistently in National Pool.
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